Dinghy Instructor Training

There is an increasing demand for qualified and skilled dinghy instructors at clubs throughout NSW. Instructor training focuses on instructors ability to teach effectively - communication, learning styles, creating a safe environment, and demonstration processes are all covered. This will give you the skills to ensure your participants learn at an accelerated pace, within a safe and fun environment.

Having a standardised, national program ensures that all students have the same experience during their introduction to sailing, with instructors teaching consistent techniques at all times. The national program qualifies instructors to work at any centre in Australia, and entitles you for professional indemnity insurance.
Competent and properly trained instructors are the key ingredient to converting people interested in sailing to active participants and club members.
Why be Qualified?

Those looking to become involved in any new sport are increasingly looking for qualified instructors to teach them the basic skills in a safe and controlled environment. Teaching adults and children to sail in Dinghy’s is a challenging prospect, and those who are qualified have undergone an important training process to ensure that they have skills necessary to manage safety on the ever changing waterways that we sail on

There are 2 main benefits – the qualification itself, of which the advantages of are summarised below, and the personal development as part of the training required to be a dinghy instructor. The elements of First Aid, Powerboat Handling, and the instructor course itself, will give you a skill set to perform to your best ability as an instructor. Qualified Dinghy instructors are more confident and proficient, not because of the qualification itself, but the training they have done to achieve it.


Specific benefits of being a Dinghy Sailing Instructor

• Promotion of Instructor qualification through the search facility on the website.

• Access to ongoing learning and development through conferences and newsletters. Both Yachting Australia and State and Territory Associations have committed to ensuring such opportunities are provided.

• Instructor Liability Insurance and Centre Public Liability Insurance. Maintaining Instructor currency provides you with liability Insurance whilst delivering a Yachting Australia Program or Course at an accredited Centre. Your Centre will hold Public Liability Insurance as a condition of being accredited with Yachting Australia, but as a current qualified Yachting Australia Instructor you are also covered under a Yachting Australia Policy against public liability matters that might arise against you personally, again if you are delivering a Yachting Australia Course at an accredited Discover Sailing Centre. For a detailed explanation of Insurance see the OAMPS Insurance Brokers/ Yachting Guide to Insurance.

• Access to standard course syllabi and resources. The Yachting Australia Program and Course structure, as reflected in Customer Logbooks, and Instructor Manuals, has been well designed to support you in planning and delivering the courses, and all the things your customers need and want to know about.

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