Revalidation Process

Maintaining your Instructor Qualification

Your Instructor Qualification is valid for five years and during this period Instructors must:

  • Maintain a current Applied First Aid Certificate
  • Comply with the Working with Children State Legislation in your State/ Territory. For more information on this contact your State Association.
  • Comply with relevant State Maritime Licence requirements
  • Pay an Annual Renewal fee

Following five years Instructors must revalidate their qualfication. 

Revalidation Process


Being an accredited Yachting Australia Instructor is a requirement for an Instructor to deliver Courses under the Yachting Australia Programs at accredited Discover Sailing Centres.

All Instructor qualifications are valid for five years and Instructors are required to pay an annual Instructor fee to Yachting Australia.

  • To revalidate the qualification and maintain currency the Instructor shall meet the following requirements:
  • Hold a current First Aid Certificate
  • Pay their annual Instructor fee to Yachting Australia
  • Comply with the State/Territory legislation including, but not only, state boat licence and child protection laws (if applicable in that state).
  • Read and sign an Instructors Code of Behaviour
  • Have been an active Instructor over the five years (based on courses recorded in myCentre reporting)
  • Provide evidence of competency as an Instructor by one of the following

             - Be assessed by a Senior Instructor
             - Attend the assessment day of an Instructors Course (in their specific qualification)
             - Provide video evidence of conducting a session signed off by an Accredited
             - Centre Principal. This must be assessed by a Senior Instructor.

  • It is also highly recommended that Instructors attend the Annual National or State Instructors Conference.

To maintain currency an Instructor can also qualify in the Instructor level above what they currently hold.

If you are unable to meet any of the above requirements please contact the Yachting NSW Training Department via the contact us page

To complete the above process please complete the Revalidation Form.

Senior Instructors

The role of the Senior Instructor is to present Instructor (and Assistant Instructor) courses and to assess the skills and knowledge of potential and existing Instructors.

All Senior Instructor qualifications are valid for three years. To revalidate the qualification and maintain currency the Senior Instructor shall meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain Instructor currency as above
  • Be supported by their State to revalidate as a Senior Instructor.
  • Attend at least one National or State Instructors Conference over the three year period.
  • Have conducted a minimum of one Instructor Course per year over the three year
  • period.
  • If they are unable to meet any of the above requirements they should contact the Chief Instructor in that specific Program.

Assistant Instructors

Assistant Instructors are only eligible to assist a Yachting Australia qualified Instructor to deliver the Yachting Australia Dinghy Program at a Yachting Australia Discover Sailing Centre. Assistant Instructors do not have a revalidation period, and remain an Assistant Instructor until they qualify as an Instructor.

Lapsed Currency

Unfinancial Instructors:

Instructors who have not paid their annual renewal fee shall have no public liability or professional indemnity insurance cover and may not be engaged/employed by a Yachting Australia Discover Sailing Centre to deliver any of the Yachting Australia Programs.

No evidence of currency:

The Instructor qualification will remain expired on the database until the Instructor provides evidence to meet currency requirements. If currency has lapsed for more than a two year period then the Instructor should apply to their state for revalidation, but may be expected to attend an Instructor Course or undertake an Instructor assessment.

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