Maritime Incident Reporting

Reporting of Accidents

When an incident occurs on the water, it must be reported to Maritime if it results in the death of, or injury to, a person; or damage to a vessel in excess of $5,000.

A written report must be forwarded to Roads and Maritime Services within 24 hours setting out the particulars unless these have already been given to a Roads and Maritime Services officer, regardless of the type of incident.

For incidents between vessels operating under the same aquatic licence, the threshold for reporting an incident is 10% of the value of the damaged boat.

Clubs should make their members aware that the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) only apply between vessels that are racing. All other recreational vessels (including sailing vessels when not racing) are governed by the Col Regs.


When a form is submitted it will be sent to Yachting Australia, Yachting NSW and RMS Maritime. It will also go to the email address of the person who submitted the form. This revised process that replaces multiple forms removes duplication, saves time and simplifies the process for all involved

Forms should be submitted to or call 13 12 56 for assistance.

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