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Yachting Australia (YA) has committed to modernising and moving all Sailing Information Management Systems (SIMS) from Bellevue IT (it's current provider) to Fox Sports Pulse (FSP). This includes myClub, myWebsite, myClass and mySailor and myCentre.

One of the major reasons for this migration is to increase the usefulness and relevance of the membership system that Yachting Australia provides you. It will provide them with better and easier management and communication with  their members. 

The new FSP Membership System, which will replace myClub from August 1, 2014.

Key Features

The key functions of the new membership system are:

- Membership registration
- Communications
- Reporting
- Online registration & online payment
- Maintain an update key club contacts

The new myClub offers:

  • More user friendly interface and screens than the old BVIT systems
  • Easy generation of email communications to all of a clubs membership or targeted groups (segmentation)
  • An effective membership renewal and payment system to enable members to complete their membership renewal online without administration involvement. It copes with multiple seasons and the process is complete only when payment is made (via credit card)
  • The option of replacing all the various files and lists of members that many clubs hold with a single database that club officials can securely access

For club members one of the best features is that secure access to their record in the system will be done via their email address and a secure password that they can nominate, rather than the Sailor ID number and password allocated by YA. This will make it easier for club members to access their mySailor profile and update their details.

Membership Year

Change in Yachting Australia Year: From 2014-15 Yachting Australia will be moving its membership year from the October-September membership year, to a normal Australian financial year (July – June) for purposes of recognition of club membership. This does not impact your clubs’ membership year. So a Gold/Silver card will be current from July to June each year, rather than October to September as it has been in the past. In order to transition to the new YA membership year the following will occur: in 2013/14, membership will be valid to September 30, 2014. For 2014/15, membership will be valid until from August 1, 2014 until June 30, 2015. In 2015/16, membership will be valid from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.

Mandatory Fields & Privacy

The national database (myClub) is securely hosted by Fox Sports Pulse, whose contract with YA includes compliance with the Privacy Act legislation. Your club records are only accessible by your appointed administrator who has a secure “Passport” to access the system.

The minimum mandatory fields that clubs are required to enter in myClub about their members:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender

It is also highly recommended that clubs enter the emergency contact name and phone number for every member.

Mapping Membership Categories

Whilst clubs may have many categories of membership Yachting NSW only recognises the following categories of club membership:

  • Adult – any person 21 or over (as of July 1 of the current membership year) who is a member at your club.
  • Youth – any person under 21 (as of July 1 of the current membership year) active on the water. Youth includes juniors.
  • Introductory (Learn to Sail) - LTS is defined as a new participant in the sport who is enrolled in a clubs’ Learn To Sail Program and have never had a YA number before

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