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Q. Why was the fee structure changed?
During 2014-15, the YNSW Board conducted a review of the “flat fee” affiliation fee structure which was introduced in 2011. It was determined that adopting a simplified, banded model would be easier to administer for clubs and YNSW and more closely align with models in other states.

For the majority of clubs, this resulted in a modest fee reduction for 2015/16.

Q. What was the basis of the fee calculation?
The affiliation fees were broadly based on the previous year’s fees. The process was simplified to effectively fix a known number rather than referencing the numbers of members, member categories or retrospective census dates. Annual changes to affiliation fees are anticipated to be inflation based. The fee structure and allocation to bands will be reviewed by the YNSW Board and will be communicated to clubs each year by 31 March.

Key annual dates are as follows:
31 March- Clubs sent notice of current year fee.
30 June - Appeal window closes
30 September- Fees invoiced to clubs
31 October- Fees due date

Q. When are fees due?
Club affiliation fees are payable by 31 October each year. YNSW is no different to any other organisation such as your club with its own financial obligations which it has to meet. Prompt payment of fees allows us to focus on delivering services, not collecting overdue accounts. If your club has queries relating to the payment of fees, you are strongly encouraged to call the office for assistance.

Q. Do I still need to complete an annual Census form?
No. There will no longer be a paper form. All clubs are required to keep their key contacts (Commodore, Secretary etc) and individual member details current in the myclub database.

Q. Our club has already paid our affiliation fees for the year; can we still add any new members to the database?
The affiliation fee you have paid relates to the entire membership year which spans 1 October to 30 September. This means that you can add any new members to your club throughout the coming season for no additional fee.

Q. Are new members added during the year still covered by insurance?
Yes. There is no individual AS fee. Once a club enters the new member into the MyClub database their registration is current.

Q. What if our club membership changes?
Clubs will not face additional fees if their membership grows. If a club has reason to query its fee due to financial hardship (ie substantial membership drop) this can be addressed by writing to the YNSW Board.

Q. What if I my club wants to query the band and fee it is allocated?
Clubs have three months (30 June each year) to submit a request to change the allocation to a particular band. All submissions must be in writing and will be responded to by 30 September. The YNSW Board decision will be final.

Q. What if individuals are members of more than one club?
Yachting NSW does not charge individuals for AS membership. The members of YNSW are clubs, not individuals. YNSW levies its members, the clubs, an affiliation fee that is not in any way related to who the individual members of that club are; what the club charges them for membership; or how many clubs they belong to. It is up to clubs to set their own fees.

Q. Do I still need to enter members into the myclub database?
Personal Accident insurance under the Australian Sailing scheme is not valid unless clubs have members entered in the national database for the current financial year.
Myclub is the national database that holds the records of all members of sailing clubs in Australia. It is important to have a central store of accurate information for a number of reasons:

  • Generate accurate data so we know how many people are active in the sport of sailing. Government uses these numbers to evaluate our sport.
  • Advocacy and representation. We have to compete against all other sports for our voice to be heard. More members mean a better chance of our voice being heard.
  • Linking member data to clubs in a centralised common platform saves time and money.
  • Paper records and guestimates aren’t professional. You can’t use them effectively and neither can we.
  • Statistical analysis- ie gender, Date of Birth and postcode is important data that helps us identify trends and Understand the dynamics of the sport.
  • Better communications- maintaining current contact details and updating club officials helps us keep in contact with you
  • Record qualifications and levels of accreditation

Q. When can I access myclub to update members for the coming season?

All MyClub access ceases on 1 July annually. The lock out period lets AS set MyClub up for the new season, which in turn allows clubs to begin updating their members for the new season from August 1.

Q. Why do I have more than one AS number?
At some point in time you have either joined another club or your club has not updated your membership details correctly. Clubs will not know which other clubs you belong to unless you tell them your existing AS number. Clubs are strongly encouraged to ask new members if they already have a AS number to avoid confusion. AS can assist clubs by merging multiple profiles.

Q. How do I check if an individual is already has an AS number?
AS has developed a “Check my AS number” facility that lets you check your own or others financial status. This is located on the AS homepage or can be accessed by clicking

Q. What about privacy issues with MyClub?
Click here for the Australian Sailing Privacy Statement


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