Club Affiliation

Affiliation refers to the process by which a club in New South Wales becomes a Member of Yachting NSW. Once clubs are affiliated, they can receive benefits designed to enhance the experience of the sport of sailing. These include access to accredited learn to sail programs, instructor and coach development, volunteer official training, member management through the national database, administrative advice and support.

Affiliation also allows your club to take part in national and international competition, by allowing you to conduct events and races under Australian Sailing and World Sailing rules and regulations.

Every member of an affiliaited YNSW sailing club is entitled to an Australian Sailing registration which gives you personal and accident insurance cover whether racing, cruising, volunteering or officiating. This registration identifies you as a member of an affiliated club complying with RRS 46 allowing skippers and crew to sail in more than three officially sanctioned races

Yachting NSW has 110 member clubs who in turn have approximately 20,000 individual members.

Affiliation fees for 2017/18
Affiliated clubs are allocated to a band by the YNSW Board which determines their annual affiliation fee.
FAQ's relating to affiliation can be found by clicking here

Band 2017/18 Fee (incl GST)
1 $121,800
2 $111,650
3 $73,588
4 $50,750
5 $22,838
6 $17,763
7 $12,688
8 $11,165
9 $10,150
10 $8,120
11 $7,105
12 $6,090
13 $5,075
14 $4,060
15 $3,045
16 $2,538
17 $2,030
18 $1,523
19 $1,015
20 $508

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