Masters Ground Rules 2017/18


Current Grades. Over 40 for Men and Women. Once you have turned 40 you are eligible to play.

Men – Any new players to the 2017/18 competition must have turned 40 years of age or older. Anyone registered in the previous years who are under 40 years of age are eligible to play.

Women – 40 years of age or older with a maximum of two (2) under aged players to complete their side. However, these players must be aged between 37 and 40 years of age. The under age players are not entitled to pitch.

9th Run Rule will apply during the regular season. When the 9th run of any innings is recorded, the innings is terminated/side away and no more runs can be recorded for that innings. A batting side can only record a maximum of nine (9) runs per batting innings.

To field a team of 9 a maximum of two (2) Pick Up players can be used. All pick up players must meet the minimum age requirements for the required grade. No exemptions will be given for players outside of their age group. Example; No player under 40 will be eligible to play as a Pick Up Player. Pick Up Players must play an outfield position and bat at the end of the line-up. Any one Pick Up Player can only play a maximum of 5 games throughout the season.

Declared innings – Within 15 minutes of the end of game, the batting side may DECLARE their batting innings over. This will only occur if said team are at the top of the innings. Once only per game.

If there is a batter in the box when the time expires, the “game” will be called. This will require the score to revert to that at even innings unless the runs scored by the side first at bat in an uneven innings has no effect on the result, ie the number of runs scored by the side batting first does not exceed the runs scored by the opposing side.

No Mercy Rule Applies in the regular fixture season.

The Away team is responsible for raking the diamond after their game. Failing to do so may result in penalties of loss of points.

Score sheets must be completed by both teams and placed in the box at the bar at the conclusion of the game.

No metal cleats are permitted in the Masters Competition.

The Masters Competition should be played in the manner appropriate of the age group ie over 40.

Please enforce the non smoking rule to all players and spectators. Smoking is not permitted ANYWHERE within the complex.


  • Even innings must be completed.
  • Reverting back to previous innings at end of time is not permitted.
  • Started innings must be completed
  • All teams must start with nine players and finish with a minimum of eight players
  • A tie breaker will be played if, at the end of the allotted time for the game the scores are Drawn.
  • Conclusion of the game MUST have a resultant Winner.



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