Summer Ground Rules 2018/19

Perth Softball League

Summer Competition Ground Rules 2018-2019



The Codes of Conduct for ALL participants are clearly set down in the Softball Australia and Softball WA Member Protection Policy, which has been made available to clubs for distribution and is on the Softball WA and Perth Softball League Websites.

It is required to ensure all participants including players, coaches, umpires, scorers, any and all officials, are registered and insured before taking part in any competition. The names and addresses for all participants (club members) must be registered on the SportsTGdatabase before taking the diamond of the first game. The date determined by Softball WA, members will be listed in an invoice provided for payment. Clubs that do not pay by the due dates will be deemed un-financial and will lose match points until such time as they become financial.

Refer to SWA Regulation 9 – Finance.



Clearances, an unconditional transfer of a player and permits, a condition for playing in two or more competitions, are covered in Softball WA Regulation 4.  Cut off date for clearances is halfway through the season, 30th of June (Winter) or 31st of December (Summer).



3.1.              Umpires and Opposition Team must receive a line-up card before the game starts. This will include Full names, Uniform Number, Batting order and Fielding Position. An example card can be found on the Perth Softball Leagues webpage.

3.2.              Game Date and Time, Location, Division, Team Names, Scores, Team List (Full Names), Umpires, MVP Votes and Any Protest or Report information is to be written on the Team Sheet.

3.3.              Team Sheet to be placed in the Scorecard box at the conclusion of each game.

3.4.              Any player/coach or official removed or ejected shall be noted on the scoresheet/card by the Official.

3.5.              Scores must be submitted by the both teams using the SportsTG (formally Fox Sports) database. This needs to be completed no later than two days after the game or Monday 5pm whichever comes first

Failure to comply rules 3.1 to 3.5 will result

1st offence -written warning

2nd offence -written warning reminder

3rd offence -loss of match points



4.1.              Players and Officials must be in Club uniform by week four (4) of the season commencing, unless prior approval for an extension of time has been obtained from PSL. Failure to do so will result in loss of 2 points.

4.2.              All team uniforms must be consistent.

4.3.              As per Australian Softball Federation Rule 3 Section 8d, playing shirt numbers must be at least 152mm high and worn on the back. Only whole number 01-99 can be used.

4.4.              Jackets can be worn but must be Club Colours.



5.1.              All Junior and Senior Divisions must supply two (2) Base umpire per scheduled Fixtures. Senior Plate Umpires will be provided by the PSL Umpiring Co-ordinators. Refer to 6.15 for payment details.

5.2.              Qualified umpires cannot force rostered club umpires to leave the game.

5.3.              ALL Club umpires must wear enclosed footwear.

5.4.              ALL Plate umpires must wear full body protector, mask and leg protectors.

5.5.              Teams failing to provide two (2) base umpires will be fined $40.00 and penalised two (2) match points for not attending the designated fixture.

5.6.              Where an official or rostered umpire does not attend at the designated start time for any fixture, the two competing teams must mutually agree to appoint someone to do the role and the game must proceed. Non-attendance by a club umpire must be noted on the game sheet.



6.1.              Three points will be awarded for a win, two points for a draw, and one point for a loss. Ladder position will be determined by winning percentage (Points divided by games)

6.2.              Wash out – nil all draw.

6.3.              Forfeit received will be awarded three points, forfeit given zero points.

6.4.              The team mentioned first in the fixtures is the “home team” and shall use the third base dugout, field first and supply three of the same leather quality match balls Preferably ‘EASTON’

6.5.              Game Times:

6.5.1.     Premier League: - One and three-quarter hours (105 mins) – Half an hour for Tie Breaker (Drawn Game) 7 Innings for finals.

6.5.2.     Seniors and Junior 15s, 17s: One and a half hours (90 mins) – Complete the innings

6.5.3.     Junior 13s: One and a quarter hours (75 mins) –Complete the innings

6.6.              No warm up pitchers are to be taken if a Pitcher is relieved or changed within the last fifteen (15) minutes of the game.

6.7.              No new innings shall start if LESS than TEN minutes remain to the scheduled finish time of the game. A New Innings is defined as ‘beginning immediately after the final out of the previous innings’.

6.8.              Capping of extra time of all Senior and Junior games, play is to cease no more than 15 minutes after the scheduled finish time. If after the additional 15 minutes, the game has not concluded, time will be called and the game will revert back to even innings, unless the 2nd team at bat is still in front, then scores shall stand. (Finals will be played under finals Section 16 rules)

6.9.              Speed up runner may be used for the Catcher OR Pitcher after 2 outs. Runner should be any eligible player off the bench.  The speed up runner may not be one of the next four batters in the line-up.

6.10.          On an Open ground, once the batted ball goes dead the batter/base runner may keep the base made before the ball went dead or be awarded two bases, whichever is greater.

6.11.          A designated runner (DR) may be assigned at the beginning of the game. This player may come on to run once an innings for any member of the team occupying a base. This player may not take the field in another position.

6.12.          9th Run Rule will apply throughout the season including Finals for division 6 and 7. When the 9th run of any innings is recorded, the innings is terminated/side away and no more runs can be recorded for that innings. A Batting side can only record a maximum of nine (9) runs per batting innings.

6.13.          If a pitcher hits 5 batters in a game, that player must be removed from the Pitching position. Failure to remove that pitcher from pitching, will result in a 7-0 forfeit to the opposing team. This applies to all divisions.

6.14.          Metal Cleats can be worn by players participating in Senior games.

6.15.          Plate Umpire fees are to be collected by the HOME team scorer for both sides, and placed in an envelope in the Home team dugout BEFORE the commencement of the game. Failure to comply with result in a $40.00 fine.



7.1.              Premier League, Division 1 and 2

  • 15 runs after 3 innings
  • 10 runs after 4 innings
  • 7 runs after 5 innings

7.2.              For all other grades including  Junior Divisions, the following Run Ahead Rule applies:

  • 20 runs after 3 innings
  • 15 runs after 4 innings
  • 10 runs after 5 innings

(Innings 2½, 3½ or 4½ if team 2nd at bat is ahead)



8.1.              JUNIORS

8.1.1       Competitions that require aged players, need to remain within their actual age grouping. Dispensation to play outside of that specified competition must be approved by the PSL committee prior to commencement.

8.1.2       All Junior players must progress according to age groups from 2017/2018. Children Registered prior to the 2017/2018 season are not affected by rule 8.1.1        13s                  Pitching                       (must be 13yrs of age at 30th June 2019)       15s                  Pitching                       (must be 15yrs of age at 30th June 2019)       17s                  Pitching                       (must be 17yrs of age at 30th June 2019)

8.1.3       Where a junior player is associated with a club that does not have a junior side, that player can play juniors for another club. The senior club is the parent club and an online permit must be approved before taking the diamond. 

8.1.4       Players Under 13 years of age are NOT permitted to play Senior Games.

8.1.5       Face Masks for Pitchers in13s and 15s are Mandatory. 17s is strongly advised.

8.1.6       Mouth Guards for all players in 13s and 15s are Mandatory. 17s is strongly advised.

8.1.7       Catchers must suit up in catching attire of:- Skull cap and mask including throat protector, chest plate, and leggings. Protectors are mandatory for all male catchers.

8.1.8       Catchers must not remove their skull cap and mask whilst a batter is attempting to hit a pitched ball. The skull cap mask can only be removed once a batter has hit the pitched ball.

8.1.9       13’s and 15s grades will play with an 11” sized ball. 17s a 12” sized ball.

8.1.10    Juniors may play NO more than 2 Games per day. For Example:              15s and 17s              15s and Seniors              17s and Seniors

8.1.11    Juniors may play in two (2) finals on the same day eg. A Junior and a Senior Final.

8.1.12    No Designated Players or Runners for 9s 11s, 13s, 15’s. (exemption: Injured player during the game or Rule 8.1.11)

8.1.13    15s - Both Pitchers and Catchers cannot play more than a maximum of 3 innings (3) in that designated position during any one game, including Finals.

8.1.14    Slide Rule. A runner is out when the runner does not slide or attempt to get around a fielder who has the ball and is waiting to make the tag.

8.1.15    In Junior 13s &15s, at the end of the play which results in the 3rd Out or 6th run across the plate, time and side away is called. A Batting side can only record a maximum of six (6) runs per batting innings.

8.1.16    Any Junior aged player that holds a permanent place in a Senior team shall be classed as a Senior Player, and subject to the same player movement restrictions as regular senior players. See point 8.3.1 to 8.3.3.

8.1.17    Where a junior club has two teams in the same grade player movements is set to the same ruling as 8.3.2.

8.1.18    ADDITIONAL JUNIOR TEAM MANAGEMENT         Club coaches are encouraged to have minimum Level 1 SWA/SAL coaching accreditation. Clubs are to encourage those without accreditation, is mentored by a designated coaching co-ordinator within the club who has a minimum of Level 1 accreditation.         Club coaches/umpires are expected to have WWC (Working with Children Check) as per regulations.         Home team to supply a Plate umpire and Away team to supply 2 base umpires.


8.2         JUNIOR13s - additional

8.2.1       Maximum of 3 registeredboys per team (If playing in a girl’s competition)

8.2.2       Players are to rotate fielding positions every two-defensive innings.

8.2.3       Players are to play defence at least every second innings.

8.2.4       All players are to be listed on the batting line up and have their turn at bat.

8.2.5       If a player is injured, falls ill or for any other reason is taken out of the game, does not constitute an automatic out. The batting line up moves up.

8.2.6       Any games starting with eight (8) players, automatic out will not apply to the ninth (9) batter.

8.2.7       Any team may borrow from the opposition up to two (2) players to complete the game.

8.2.8       No infield fly rule applies.

8.2.9       On a ball in play (batted balls) runners may advance until the ball is in possession of the pitcher and the pitcher is inside the infield of the diamond.

8.2.10    Caught foul tip – the batter is out if the ball is caught by the catcher only if the ball has gone above the height of the batters shoulders. A foul tip, which is deflected into the catcher’s glove, is not out except on the 3rd strike.

8.2.11    Pitchers and Catchers cannot play more than a maximum of two (2) innings in that designated position during any one game. If a pitch is thrown in any game, it constitutes as an innings pitched.

8.2.12    Machine Pitch         Both coaches, prior to the commencement of the game, will agree on the machine’s settings. In under 13s the use of the machine will be permitted for six weeks only.         The base umpire shall operate the machine.         The fielder playing the pitcher shall stand to the side or diagonally behind the pitching machine. They may not stand closer to home plate than the T Bar of the pitching machine.         If a batted ball hits (unassisted) the pitching machine or umpire it shall be called a dead ball. The count defers back to as it was prior to that pitch.



8.3         SENIORS

8.3.1       Senior players may move up and down all season. 1 club grade down only from their regular considered grade. If they have played more games in a higher grade they cannot play in the finals in a lower grade.

8.3.2       Where a Club has 2 teams in the same grade, moving between teams is considered the same as players moving down grades and is set to the same conditions. If a player plays more games for 1 team, that is considered as their regular team and can not play Finals for the other team.

8.3.3       All fill in players playing down one club grade from their regular considered grade, must play an Outfield position and bat at the end of the line-up for the entire game. Any differences to this rule will be considered as being an Ineligible player and IPP will apply.

8.3.4       Players must have participated in five games with their club during qualifying rounds before being eligible to play in finals. Clubs may request a One Off Exception to this rule, but must seek approval by the PSL Committee prior to the 75% mark of the fixtured season.

8.3.5       Premier League players must have participated in  five games with their Premier League club team during qualifying rounds before being eligible to play in finals.

8.3.6       Premier League players must play in the highest division for their club, but no lower than division two at any time,unless they’re eligible to play in the junior age bracket. Players with Premier League teams only MUST still abide to this ruling in their alternative club.

8.3.7       To qualify for Finals for Summer competitions, Premier League players must participate in 5 summer games prior to the 31st December.

8.3.8       All divisions, with the exception of Premier League, can start and finish with 8 players. The ninth (9th) batter is an automatic out.

8.3.9       All Divisions –additional players can enter the game at any time, providing they are eligible to take the field.

8.3.10    Ineligible player penalties (IPP) – In the event of a team having an ineligible player, the offending team shall forfeit the match and a 7-0 forfeit being awarded to the opposition team.



9.1.              In order to field a team of 9, Senior players can play 2 games in one day.

9.2.              The Additional Game is defined as the game played by a player, in a grade in which would be reasonably considered an alternative grade and plays 2 Senior games in one day.

9.3.              Players can play down one club grade or up without restriction to a maximum of 3 players.

9.4.              When playing an Additional Game players should have the following: (Additional Game) included at the end of their name when submitting the Team Sheet.

9.5.              If the player is playing their Additional Game in a lower grade, they must play an Outfield position and bat at the end of the line-up for the entire game. If the player is playing their Additional Game in a higher grade, there are no restrictions on fielding positions.



10.1.          Mirrabooka Games, Home teams are responsible for raking the Diamonds between fixtured games. On conclusion of the last fixtured game, the Home team is to remove bases and cap holes.

10.2.          Herb Graham Games: First Home teams to lift the Back Nets and set up diamond. And last Home teams to play on the field to drop the Back Nets and pack up diamond at the conclusion of the game.

10.3.          Failure to comply may result in an imposed loss of point or fine.

10.4.          Pitching Mats may only be removed for safety reasons as deemed by the Official/s.

10.5.          Pitching Distance

  • Men - 46 Feet
  • Women and Junior 17s - 43 Feet
  • Junior 15s, 13s – 40 Feet
  • Modball 11s – 37 Feet
  • Machine Pitch to be set at 42 Feet



11.1.          In the event of inclement weather the Grounds Person, prior to the commencement, or the plate umpire after the game has commenced shall have the power to suspend games

11.2.          If after 15 minutes, conditions have not improved the game is to be called.

11.3.          Premier League:  If 5 innings completed (4½ if second team at bat is in front) score stands. If more than 5 innings completed and team second at bat is behind, score will revert.

11.4.          All other Divisions:  If 3 innings completed (2½ if second team at bat is in front) score stands.

11.5.          All cancelled games that have not completed the required innings, shall result in being a Nil all draw.

11.6.          Games cancelled due to inclement weather will not be replayed. With the exception of the game being a Final or on the direct discretion of the PSL Committee.

11.7.          Time lost through injury will not be made up.

11.8.          In Finals, 3 innings must be played except in the case of the Run Ahead Rule. (Finals may have to be rescheduled).



No team shall postpone matches with the intention of playing them at a later date. Any postponement shall be at the discretion of the PSL Competitions Committee. (Penalty – any club who postpones the game and is not authorised by the PSL Competitions Committee shall be a NO Game or forfeit.)



13.1.          When a team withdraws after the commencement of the season, all points and runs scored in matches involving the team prior to its withdrawal shall be cancelled. Except where a disbandment occurs after a completed round of fixtures. ALL teams are to notify the PSL Committee as soon as possible via informing them of their intention to withdraw from the season.

13.2.          Teams that are unable to field a side have 48hours prior to the commencement of their game to advise PSL via

13.3.          Should a team forfeit after the 48-hour deadline, a $50 fine will be imposed on that team. With a 2nd and 3rd forfeit, the fine will increase by $50 each time.

13.4.          After a 3rd forfeit, the offending team will be required to meet with the PSL committee. If a 4th forfeit occurs, the team may be deemed unable to participate in Finals, and the competition ladder will be adjusted accordingly.

13.5.          Teams will have 14 days from the invoice date to pay their fines. Failure to comply will incur no match points being received for games played. Should this occur in the last round of fixtured games, the team will have until the day prior to Finals to pay outstanding money.




14.1.          Intention to protest must be notified to the Plate Umpire at the time of the incident, who must notify the opposing coach and scorers, so that details of the incident will be recorded in both Score Books.

14.2.          For the protest to be considered, the protest is to be forwarded to within 72 hours of the incident for the matter to be considered. They must also be noted when submitting the game results online.

14.3.          Any submissions outside the 72 hours deadline will not be addressed.



The PD&M Committee shall consist of three neutral members appointed by the PSL Competitions Committee.  All matters are to be referred to the PSL Competitions Chairperson. Decisions of the PD&M Committee shall be notified to the clubs concerned within 7 days.



16.1.          Premier League and Divisions 1 play 7 innings – NO TIME LIMIT –Tie Breaker if Drawn after 7 Innings

16.2.          All other divisions, as soon as time has elapsed and even innings completed, Tie Breaker commences at top of next innings.

16.3.          Once a player takes the diamond for a team in finals, that player is not permitted to drop to a lower grade. e.g. If a player plays in the semi-finals and their team is knocked out they may not move down in any circumstance.  This carries through the entire finals series.

16.4.          A player may move up to a higher grade

Failure to comply to rules 16 will result in a 7-0 forfeit awarded against them



Clubs have the right to apply for exceptions if they feel a player is eligible, however the PSL Competitions Committee reserves the right of accepting the proposal. Exemptions should be applied for at



18.1.          At the conclusion of the previous completed playing season, the team finishing on top of the ladder in their respective division, at the completion of the regular season, will be promoted up a minimum of one (1) division.

18.2.          The team that won the grand final will be considered for promotion to the next available higher division.

18.3.          A team that plays off in the grand final and is the runner up in their respective division, will also be considered for promotion to the next available higher division.

18.4.          At the conclusion of the previous completed playing season, the team finishing on the bottom of the ladder in their respective division, at the completion of the regular season, will be relegated down a minimum of one (1) division.

18.5.          The Competitions Committee reserves the right to award teams with promotion or relegation based upon the previous season’s results or upon relevant information supplied to the Committee.

18.6.          Nominations received after the closing date will be graded as the Competitions Committee discretion

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