Coach's Code of Conduct

Coach's Code of Conduct

In addition to Softball Australia's values and general Code of Conduct, as a coach appointed by

Softball Australia, a Member State or an affiliated association or club you must meet the following

requirements in regard to your conduct during any activity held by or under the auspices of Softball

Australia, a Member State or an affiliated association or club.

1 Respect the rights, dignity and worth of, and refrain from any discriminatory practices

against, any person regardless of age, gender, ethnic origin, religion or ability.

1 Endeavour to ensure players' time spent with you is a positive experience.

2 Respect the talent, developmental stage and goals of each individual player.

3 Treat each player as an individual and help them reach their full potential.

Provide training programs that are planned and sequential and suitable for the

age, experience and ability of the players

Be fair, considerate and honest with players

4 Be reasonable in your demands on your players' time and ensure there is an appropriate

balance between sporting involvement, education and career objectives.

5 Implement clear rules for players in training and general conduct.

6 Be professional in your appearance and manner and accept responsibility for your actions.

Display high standards in language, manner, punctuality, preparation and


Display control, respect, dignity and professionalism to all involved with softball,

including opponents, coaches, officials, umpires, scorers, administrators, the

media, parents and spectators

Encourage your players to demonstrate the same qualities.

7 Make a commitment to providing a quality service to your players, your affiliated club,

association and state, and to Softball Australia, by continually improving your coaching

knowledge and skill.

Maintain and improve your NCAS accreditation

Seek continual self-improvement through performance appraisal and ongoing


8 Operate within the rules and spirit of the sport.

Abide by and respect the policies governing softball and sport generally and the

organisations and individuals administering those policies

Reject the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport and abide by the antidrugs

policies of the relevant national and international sporting organisations

and government regulatory bodies

9 Ensure physical contact with players is appropriate to the situation and necessary for the

player's skill development. Inappropriate physical contact is a form of sexual harassment.

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10 Refrain from any form of personal abuse. This includes verbal, physical and emotional


11 Refrain from any form of sexual harassment. This includes explicit, implicit, verbal and nonverbal

sexual harassment.

12 Refrain from initiating a relationship with a player and also discourage, in a sensitive

manner, an attempt by a player to initiate a sexual relationship with you.

13 Provide a safe environment for training and competition. Ensure that equipment and

facilities meet safety standards and are appropriate for the age and ability of the players.

14 Show consideration and caution towards sick and injured players.

Provide a modified training program where appropriate

Allow further participation in training and competitions only when appropriate

When necessary, follow the advice of a reputable doctor or physiotherapist when

determining when a sick or injured player is ready to recommence training or


15 Be a positive role model for softball and your players.

16 Do not tolerate acts of aggression.

17 Refrain from engaging in any behaviour that is in breach of Softball Australia's Member

Protection Policy.

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