2016 SWA Winter Team Fees


REF:                 0403/16-01



DATE:              4 March 2016

SUBJECT:     Key Dates and Fees – Winter 2016


 The purpose of this memorandum is to outline the applicable key dates, team competition and affiliation fees for the 2016 Winter Perth Softball Leagues competition.


 Currently, the following key dates for the 2016 Winter Perth Softball Leagues Season include:

  • Season start date: Sunday, 10 April 2016.
  • Club compulsory meeting 1: Monday, 13 June 2016 (at Mirrabooka)
  • Club compulsory meeting 2: Monday, 15 August 2016 (at Mirrabooka)


All affiliated clubs are required to pay an Affiliation Fee as part of their membership to Softball WA. Please note, the club affiliation fee is required to be paid only once per financial year and if it has been paid in the Summer 2015-16 season, it will not be required to be paid again in the Winter 2016 season.






Flat Fee




Flat Fee


*Regional boundaries are defined by Department Sport & Recreation.


Club affiliation fees will be incorporated in the Team Competition Fee invoice where applicable. All prices are inclusive of GST.



Teams participating in the 2016 Winter Perth Softball Leagues competition, will be subject to the following team fees:


Age Level

Fee Per Team



Under 15/Under 17


Under 13



*All prices are inclusive of GST


  1. TeamNomination Fee
  • $110 per team(inclusive of GST & non-refundable)
  • Nominations are to be completed using the online form available on the Perth Softball Leagues website.
  • Payment of nomination Fees will ONLY be accepted online or via cheque. Please do not deposit funds in person at the bank as payments cannot be tracked. The bank details for team nominations are:


SOFTBALL WA - BSB: 016 353   ACCOUNT: 262446416


  • Closing Date: Friday, 18 March 2016
  • Nomination fees must be received by closing date for your team(s) to be eligible to participate.


  1. Team Competition Fees
  • Clubs will be invoiced by the Softball WA Office, soon after the commencement of the season.
  • Installment 1: Close of business 4pm Friday, 13 May 2016

(50% of Team Competition Fee).

  • Installment 2: Close of business 4pm Friday, 10 June 2016

(remaining 50% of Team Competition Fee).


Teamcompetition feesare'exclusive'ofumpirespayments,however,SoftballWAwillmeet the umpires paymentsforALL FINALS.


Please note:


  • Electronic transfers require a minimum of 3 days to clear, please ensure you allow time for the transfer. In addition, please mark your clubs name in the ‘Reference’ description.
  • Email ‘online’ receipt of payment to admin@softballwa.org.au clearly marked in the subject line with your club name.
  • All nomination fees paid will appear as a deduction on your “Team Fee” invoice.
  • Forfeits will apply to any clubs who fail to pay the necessary fee(s) by the stipulated date (reference 9.2.2 softball regulations).




Players and Officials must be ‘financial’ registered members with Softball WA prior to participating in any competition, program or event. Individuals will be required to register and pay the appropriate fee for membership to their club. Individual member details will be required to be recorded on Softball WA’s online database (Fox Sports Pulse) to be eligible for cover under the National Insurance Program. The following table outlines the individual affiliation fee for the 2016 Winter Season:




Member Categories


Senior (Fast Pitch) Over 18 Years


Junior (17 Years and under) @ 31 December


Official (Umpire, Manager, Statistician, Coach)


Sub Junior (12 Years and under) @ 31 December


Off Diamond or Casual



Please note:

  1. All prices quoted are inclusive of GST, personal accident, public and club management liability insurance + Softball Australia levy.
  2. Officials fee of $29.00 applies only to those ‘officials’ that will not already be registered as a player - a fee applies to cover insurance only.
  3. Detailed insurance policy information can be found on the Softball WA website.



Individual Registration Fee Collection


Softball WA will invoice clubs for individual registration fees based on information within the online database. This is expected to occur in late April 2016 and payment will be expected by 20 May 2016 (as per Softball WA Regulations). Please do not make payment for individual registrations upon receiving an invoice.


From time to time, additional players will be required to be registered after the commencement of the season and/or on a casual basis. Subsequently, these members will be required to be registered on the online database prior to taking the diamond. If additional players are required after the commencement of the season, please register them immediately and advise Softball WA on the following dates: 1 July 2016 and 1 September 2016. Softball WA will then invoice clubs for any additional players registered after the commencement of the season.


It is requested that clubs do not pay individual registration fees until receiving the invoice. Please note all players and officials participating in any club or team must be registered to Softball WA prior to taking the diamond.




PERMIT:A permit is a condition for a registered member playing in two or more competitions,with different clubs,or in another affiliated associated competition during one financial year.

CLEARANCE:A clearance is an unconditional transfer of a player from one club to another club.

Permit processing will be completed using the online database (Fox Sports Pulse) between the individual and the registrar from the clubs. There will be no administration handling from Softball WA and as such there will no longer be a fee for Permits. Clearances are not currently set-up within the online database. As such, clubs are required to submit the paper clearance form which can be found on the Softball WA website.



The Perth Softball Leagues is guided by the ‘Softball WA Constitution’ adopted 18 November 2012 and lodged with the Commissioner of Consumer Protection 11 January 2013; and the ‘Regulations’ as adopted by Softball WA 6 June 2012 (these documents can be viewed on the website www.softballwa.org.au under the Governance tab). The following other relevant information on fees has been excised from the Softball WA Regulations:


Item 9 Finance

9.1       Monies Prescribed


9.1.1    All Affiliated Bodies shall pay an annual affiliation fee as determined by Softball WA.


9.1.2    All Individual Members of Affiliated Bodies shall pay an individual registration fee for both Softball WA (SWA) and Softball Australia Ltd (SAL) to the Association. The SAL registration fee will be forwarded on to SAL by SWA.


9.1.3    Affiliated Bodies whose season falls between the April and September, payment is to be made by 20May each year.


9.2       Un-financial Affiliated Bodies and Members


9.2.1    Any member failing to comply with the monies prescribed clause of these Regulations shall be declared un-financial.


9.2.2    In the event of any Affiliated Club in any designated Softball WA competition, who fails to pay the necessary fees by the required date the Association Office shall advise the Club concerned that should the Club not be financial by a date then stipulated, that Affiliated Club;


   shall incur a 10% surcharge on the amount owing.


   shall not play in any game and will incur a 7-0 forfeit.


9.2.3   In the event of an Individual Member failing to pay prescribed levies, they will be charged an administration fee on the outstanding amount of 3% per month, commencing after the second month.


9.2.4   A person who is a member of an un-financial Affiliated Body may be granted permission by the Association to become a member of another Affiliated Body.


9.2.5   Should an un-financial club disband at the conclusion of a season, any member of that Club registering with another Club shall be required to pay their proportion of the debt of their former club.


Should your club require further clarification of this memorandum please contact Softball WA initially through email at admin@softballwa.org.au or telephone on 6181 3900.

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