SSSA Active Umpires

SSSA Active Umpires


Softball Australia Limited - Accredited Umpires who activley support the Sutherland Umpires Association.

                Level 4

Craig Oberg

                Level 3

Matthew Hayes
Carol Heiler
Alex Oberg

                Level 2

Corey Hall
Jason Turner

                Level 1

Rye Cook
Jacinta Derrick
Kevin Mackay

Zac Miner
Jackson Towns
Lachlan Daniels

                Sutherland Blues

Scott O'Brien
William Oberg
Heather Oberg
Charlie Lombo

Just a reminder about umpiring requirements for Competition at Sutherland.

  1. Every umpire needs to sign the umpiring book in the control room. This includes minders. The book needs to be signed 15 minutes before the game.

  2. Minders are required to have a basic understanding of the game and be an Adult.

  3. Any Juniors (under the age of 18) umpiring any game morning or afternoon must have a minder or an adult on the game with them.

  4. Minders are required to be at the game for the entire duration of the game

  5. As a reminder after week 3 if the umpiring book is not signed then the Club will be fined as this is the only record that the Association has as evidence that you have umpired.


SSSA - Round 14 Games ON

All games (except TBALL) are ON for today.

Check at the Control Room for possible diamond changes.

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