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Becoming a Softball scorer is one of the best ways to support your favourite team by getting involved with a necessary aspect of the game. You will receive one of the best seats on the diamond, and will be able to provide an invaluable service to players, coaches, umpires, fans and the media. Your knowledge of the rules will improve, which will increase your appreciation and enjoyment of games. You could even end up working at national or international games, and potentially receive exciting travel opportunities around the country, and even the world!

With most Softball scorers, the introduction to scoring is unexpected with a scorebook being put in your hands and being asked to score.

The key is to start slow and build up your knowledge and skills. To become a scorer for Softball you will need a scorebook and a pencil. Your progression through scoring can be as slow or as quick as you desire. Whether you choose to score at a basic or advanced level is all your choice and dependant on how much you enjoy the scoring experience. The order of importance for scoring Softball is runs, outs and the count.

Whether you are a scorer who has started scoring for your child's games at Club level or whether you aspire to score at international games, we have an extensive National Scoring accreditation program and extensive resources to assist you.

There are an estimated 1,270 plus accredited Softball scorers throughout Australia and most scorers come to the field with a keen interest in attention to detail coupled with dedication and a commitment to the game. The motivations and benefits of becoming a scorer are wide and varied – yet all scorers agree that they reap greater rewards from their volunteer role than they had anticipated when they first started scoring.

During the last 20 years, Softball Australia spearheaded the technical development of scoring nationally and internationally. Softball Australia has developed an extensive range of educational and technical scoring resources, for beginner, intermediate and advanced scorers.

Further assistance and support can be provided through the State Scoring Directors and National Scoring Committee listed in the scoring directory to become an active part of the game you love!


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