mySoftball Community Training

Module 1 - A) Registration and Access

- Registering for a Fox Sports Pulse Passport
- Accessing the system

Module 1 - B) Setting up the System

- Login
- Your organisation’s profile
- Settings and Configuration – AKA ‘God Cog’

Module 1 - C) Navigating the Menus

- Different Menus at Different Levels
- State Level menus
- Club Level Menus

Module 1 - D) The Registrations Menu

- The Registrations menu
- Products
- Registration Forms
- Online Payments

Module 1 - E) Reporting

- Introduction to Reporting: a basic overview

Notice Board


 If your comment is negative, then SHOOSH!

 If your negative comment is directed at a child, then SHOOSH!

 If your negative comment is directed at an official, then SHOOSH!

 Reward good work with applause; if you can’t then SHOOSH!

 Show respect to kids and officials. Remember, sport should be fun! 



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