Life Members

PAIGE HYSLOP - inducted May 2017


GRAEME STEWART - inducted May 2014


LISA CASEY - inducted May 2014


LYN SEALE - inducted May 2013
Lyn has been involved with HDSA from the beginning with Paul Wolf. From meetings in her lounge room to canvassing schools, Lyn has been a valuable member of the Association witnessing the growth and development of HDSA to what it is today. Lyn has also been involved with the Rep Program over the years, managing a number of teams. Lyn's dedication to HDSA has not gone unnoticed and we appreciate her contribution to our great Association.


ROZ HYSLOP - inducted May 2013
Roz started with North Rocks Softball Club during the Auburn era. She has contributed to HDSA in many ways through coaching and managing teams across all age groups, in particular managing the first HDSA team to win U16 State Championships in 2007 and the inaugural HDSA Opens team in 2006. Roz has also been involved at a board level as both North Rocks and HDSA's Secretary for a number of years. She has been a supportive member of HDSA with a voice everyone can hear a mile away.


DUNCAN CUMMING - inducted May 2013
Duncan has been a member of North Rocks Softball Club right back when the club was still part of Auburn Softball Association. He has been a key member in the development of players at senior levels for both North Rocks and HDSA. Since the passing of his daughter, Melissa 'Jack' Cumming, Duncan has continued his commitment and love of softball and that is something HDSA admires and greatly appreciates.
PETER BLACK - inducted May 2013
Peter has been a member of HDSA since 1996 and has been an important part of Greenway Giants Softball Club during his softball career. He has coached a number of teams at both club and Rep level, most recently with the 2013 U11 Rep Team but extending through all the age groups. In 2008, Peter took over the role of President and held this position until 2012.
Adrian first joined HDSA in 2001 supporting his 2 daughters who attended Mt St Benedict College (MSB) and who played their softball in the school team. Adrian took the MSB Softball Club Delegate position on the Board as well as various coaching roles with MSB. He attained his Level 2 Coaching accrediation and coached the HDS U14 Development team in 2009. Just to make the trifecta he obtained his NSW Scoring Level 1 as well.
Adrian's oranising ability saw MSB increase in teams from 2002 onwards. He gained expertise in the game of softball by commencing to umpire each Saturday. In May 2003 he gained his ASF Level 1 Umpiring accrediation. Over the next few years he went on to higher levels of accreditation eventually obtaining his ASF Level 4 State accreditation in 2011. During this time he represented & suuported HDSA in numerous representative titles in all grades and was the umpire representative at HDSA's first ever State Title win (U16 in 2006).
In 2009 he was elected Vice President on the HDSA Board which he continues to hold. In 2006 he was instrumental in forming the Umpire Softball Committee where he began a personal focus on Junior Umpire Development. HDSA has always had a stong training program but Adrian raised the bar with a raft of new initiatives.
The major difference and success of this programs for HDSA was the he emphasised leadership, decision making, taking responsibility, raising the self esteem in the young umpires, raised the standard of umpiring, set goals for each and ensured that they are backed 100% by a team of mentors. The result has been amazing and won both HDSA, Adrian & his team accolades within the parent fraternity of HDSA & Softball NSW.
Glenn brought his family of his wife, Jane & 2 girls to HDSA in 2000 having previously been involved with Cumberland Nepean Softball Association. On arrival, Glenn immediately became involved with the Hills Hawks Softball Club, coaching teams, assisting as an official of the club as well as helping out in umpiring and its administration for the Association.
Glenn has been an integral part of Hornsby's Umpire Development program for many years as an umpire, mentor and administrator for both HDSA & Hills Hawks Softball Club.
Glenn makes a significant contribution by taking mentoring roles, working with juniors and providing a fun, friendly environment. His contribution has ensured the success of the Umpire Development Program and today it is without a doubt, the biggest Association run Umpire Development Program in the country.
In 2008 HDSA was awarded "Affiliate of the Year" as being the affiliate who contributes in all facets of the softball game in a year. Glenn's contribution with his colleages, Adrian Rampoldi & Johnny Walker, made this possible.
In 2009, HDSA was awarded the Softball NSW Umpires Association Award for Umpire Development in NSW. Part of the reason HDSA won this award was due to Glenn's administrative skills, his care and attention to the younger junior umpires and significant amounts of money to be spent of umpire shirts, equipment and video analysis. This money was the result of Glenn's efforts in encouraging a sponsor to make a donation towards these expenses.
Founding member as Treasurer
Executive Board member and Treasurer since inception
Rep Coach Level 3 since Rep started in 1995
Rules Committee Chairman since inception
Umpire Level 1 in early seasons
Ian has been a stalwart in the formation of Hornsby Softball not only as Treasurer but as an administrator and held office in a number of areas and including Rep Coaching over the life of the association. His financial handling of Hornsby Softball affairs over these years has delivered a stable and financial association capable of improving facilities and the operation of our competition. He commenced Rep coaching, with his wife Eleanor, with our first Rep team in Teeball through to Under16 and played an important part in developing player skills and standards, rules of the competition including that all players bat and play on the diamond each game day now followed by most affiliates and again Rep coaching back in Teeball in his later years. Ian has also coached Greenway teams since inception at all levels through to A Grade.

Rep Coach Level 3 since Rep started in 1995
Coaching Trainer
Eleanor has been a Rep coach since Reps started back in 1995. Coaching with Ian our first Rep Teeball team and then moving through teams as we opened up more opportunities to older aged players through to Under16. In recent years has returned to Teeball as Rep coach training new coaches including the operation of NCAS Level 1 & 2 coaching clinics. Her experience and dedication have been invaluable to the success of later teams in the association. Eleanor has also coached Greenway teams since inception with Ian at all levels through to A Grade.
Founding member as President of Thornleigh Club
Executive Board member and Registrar since 1998
Rules Committee member
Gail has been Registrar of Hornsby Softball for 10 years. Her hard work and delivery of the competition draw each season with many changes, amendments and redraws has shown how flexible a person she is and has provided a first class result. Gail as a player also serves on the Rules Committee since its inception providing player feedback on changes determined each season. The first person to offer help in grounds maintenance, committee or canteen is Gail.
Founding member as UIC
Founding UIC
Umpire Level 2
Umpire Trainer
John was our first ever leveled umpire since inception. John took charge of the umpiring from day one, training and encouraging adult and younger umpires with his great teaching skills. Despite John’s home location in Bateau Bay driving down each weekend for competition or events. He has been a regular umpire since inception save for a brief period due to illness but he was back again and continues to umpire at competition, gala days, Divisional & State events for Hornsby Softball. We are indebted to John for his loyalty, dedication and experience in placing Hornsby Softball as one of the leading umpiring affiliates in NSW.
Founding member as President Hills Hawks
Umpire Level 1 in early years
Rep Coach Level 3 since Reps started in 1995
Technical Coach
Peter was a founding President of Hills Hawks Softball who initially umpired each week but also club coached. This led to Rep Coaching in our early days right through to now as State Cup Head Coach 2007, Waratah League and Presidents Cup teams for Hornsby. Peter has also delivered technical expertise for our players with his regular batting and coaching clinics that assisted Head coaches of winning Rep teams. He has been unselfish in his aspirations when the good of Hornsby Softball or development of other coaches necessitated changes to his plans. He has always given of his time in the interests of Hornsby Softball development and our players.
Rep Coach Technical Coach
Bill came to us in 1998 and joined HDSA as our Rep program took hold and started to grow in team numbers. His dedication to Hornsby Softball Rep program is legendary. We simply would not be where we are today had we not had Bill’s expertise in gamesmanship, coaching skills and his regular weekly Pitching & Catching clinics for young and older pitchers and catchers that have seen pretty well all of our battery players trained by him at some time and has provided Hornsby Softball teams with their battery players since Reps commenced at Under 12 level. Bill also introduced Hornsby Softball to Video analysis that has allowed players in batting and pitchers to see their techniques on video and providing analysis of their styles.
Heather James - for her contribution to the canteen since our inception as an association
Peter James - for his contribution as our inaugural grounds manager since our inception as an association
Paul Wolf - our founding President and driving force in the association since our inception.

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