Players in the Modball division must attend a Primary School at the Start of the season. HDSA Modball Competition will not participate in the "Finals Series" as this is a non competitive division.

Why is it called modball? It is modified softball How is it modified?

  • Game is only 1hr 15 min (Softball 1hr 30min).
  • Diamond is shorter at 55ft (60ft)
  • Pitching distance is 30ft (40ft)
  • Non-competition and no finals (full semi-final and grand finals etc)
  • Innings changes after 7 runs scored or 3 out
  • Tee hit after 4 balls pitched (walk to first on 4 balls)
  • Batter-runner and runners can only run 2 bases on tee hit
  • Dropped third strike rule does not apply (Does apply)
  • Infield fly rule does not apply (Does apply)
  • Player can either catch and/or pitch only 2 consecutive innings at a time (no limit)
  • Maximum pitching/catching is 3 innings in game(no limit)

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Notice Board

2017/18 Season Dates

Semi Finals - Sat 17th February 2018

Finals - Sat 24th February 2018

Grand Final - Sat 3rd March 2018


U17 Tree Tops Tournament
Sun 18th February 2018

U15 Rep Trials
Mon 26th February 2018
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U19 Rep Trials
Mon 5th March 2018
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EOI Over 35 Women & Men
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