Teeball is a fun introduction to softball for girls aged 6-11. The ball (softer and smaller than a normal softball) is hit off a waist high tee instead of being pitched. The diamond is smaller than a normal softball diamond.

The Hornsby Teeball competition is a non-competitive division with no points and no finals. It is designed for fun, participation and skill development. Players are to be under 11 as at 31 December in the year the competition commences.

A regulation Teeball game is one hour and will be played until the scheduled completion time of the match is reached. The batting team completes an innings when 3 outs are made or 5 runs have been scored, whichever occurs first. The Team shall consist of a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 12 players to play in any week. All players shall play on offence/batting and defence/fielding (equally) in every game, however, only nine players are permitted on the field at any one time. It is the policy of the HDSA that ALL players that are available to play in the game are given even playing time each week on the diamond. We ask that you support this initiative and maintain happy players.

Uniforms and Equipment:

  • The player’s top must be properly tucked in throughout the game.
  • The wearing of helmets is compulsory for all batters and base runners.
  • Shin Guards must be worn by ALL players throughout the game.
  • Mouth Guards are highly recommended by HDSA. Failure to wear a mouth guard will be at the player’s liability and the HDSA or your club will not accept any responsibility in this matter.

Umpires: The home team shall supply the plate umpire and the away team shall supply the first and third base umpires. (These are usually done by parents). There shall be no protests in Teeball.

Playing Field: The Playing Field is marked as for softball except that everything is scaled down to compensate for the age of the players. There is an extra foul ball line in an arc 4.5m in front of the batter to stop the players from tipping the ball and running.

Batting: The ball is not pitched in Teeball instead it is batted from a Tee. The umpire shall ensure that the tee is adjusted to the batter’s satisfaction before calling “Play Ball” and that the batter’s feet in a normal batting position are parallel to the side of the batting box. The batter shall be permitted to have one practice swing and then the batter shall take a normal forceful swing when striking at the ball. Bunting is not permitted. If the umpire feels the batter is not taking a full swing they may be called back to swing again. A strike is called when the batter swings at the ball on the tee and misses or when the batter swings and hits the tee but not the ball.

Base Running & Fielding: Double Safety Bases (rectangular bases half-white and half-orange) will be used on all diamonds at first base. Safety bases are used to minimise the risk of interference or injury arising from a collision at first base. The fielder MUST always use the white base; the batter/runner MUST use the orange on the first attempt through first base if there is any likelihood of a play at first and then return to the white base. Base runners are put into two categories. A base runner is called a free runner when they do not have to attempt to make the next base but decide to anyway. They are a forced runner when they must run. An example of this is would be when there is a batter and a runner on second base, the batter hits the ball and so is forced to run to first base. However, the runner on second base does not have to run to third base but if they do in this instance they are free to run. Free runners must be tagged by the fielding team whereas forced runners can be tagged or the fielder can make contact with the base while having the ball under control. If the ball is overthrown and is blocked or enters dead ball territory, all runners shall be awarded one base from the last base legally touched at the time of the throw. A runner must wait until the ball is hit before leaving the base. When the batter hits a fair ball, play proceeds until all the runners have held up on bases or until no further play is possible.

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 2019 U10 Rep Trials - Saturday 1st December 10am @ Hayes

2019 U16 Rep Trials - Sunday 2nd December 9am @ Hayes




Notice Board

2018/19 Season Dates

First round - 8th Sep 2018

Last round before Sep/Oct school holidays - 22nd Sep 2018

First round returning after Sep/Oct school holidays - 13th Oct 2018

Last round before Christmas holidays - 15th Dec 2018

First round returning after Christmas holidays - 2nd Feb 2019

Semi Finals - 16th Feb 2019

Finals - 23rd Feb 2019

Grand Final Day - 2nd Mar 2019

Back up wet weather - 9th Mar 2019


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