Under 17


2017 CNSA U17 Men

2018 CNSA U17

Representative Women                   

      2018 CNSA U17s Development women                 
Thomas Green Lauren Arnott Madeline Simpson
  Ryleigh Arnott  Ashley Bedwell 
  Lauren Bailey  Chelsea Wallwork 
  Rebecca Bailey  Emma Justic 
  Isabella Carney Holley Manks 
  Bianca Carney  Emily Mathews 
  Amelia Cousins   
  Sienna Kowaliw   
  Baillee Lorigan   
  Amy Mann   
  Charli Orsini   
  Emily Paull   
  Georgia Rauhihi   
  ******   ******
  Officals   Officials
  HC- Brett Kirk   
  AC- David Borg   
  AC- Kate Proctor  
  M- Julianne McCaffery  
  S-  Michelle Cate  


2015 CNSA U17W

2016 CNSA U17W

2017 CNSA U17W

Alicia Allan Ryleigh Arnott

Ryleigh Arnott 

Courtney Arnott Courtney Arnott  Lauren Bailey
Anita Epere Chloe Brown

Lara Carroll 

Madeline Hulme Lara Carroll

Bianca Carney

Elizabeth Johnson Ashleigh Doyle Isabella Carney
Madison Knowles Hannah Doyle

Numi Chambers

Jessica Martin Isla Hogg Jessica Doney  
Naomi Poulton Eden Hopkinson

Isla Hogg  

Emily Simpson Madeline Hulme Isabelle Martin 
Emily Whittaker Chelsea Karanga Georgia Murray 
Eliza Woodorth Tayla Noble Tayla Noble 
Briana Titmuss Emily Paull Emily Paull 
  Maddison Samways Maddison Samways  
*** *** ***
Officials Officials Officials
HC - Donna McGrath HC - Donna McGrath HC - Brett Kirk
AC - Dale Smith AC -Dale Smith AC - Warren Arnott
AC - Paul Young AC - AC - Kate Proctor
M - Elizabeth Allan M - Tracey Mellowship
M - Julianne McCaffrey
S - Michelle Cate S - Michelle Cate
S - Michelle Cate
*** *** ***
Results Results Results
State - State - State -


2012 CNSA U17W

2013 CNSA U17W

2014 CNSA U17W

Clare Bourne Tahnee Burns Alicia Allan
Tahnee Burns Mikaela Cini Shalea Berra
Mikaila Cini Rose Eldred Emily Gower
Emma Cleary Emily Gower Kelsey Griffen
Rose Eldred Kelsey Griffen Bree Honeybrook
Amelia Griffen Breanne Honeybrook Elisabeth Johnson
Rodelle Hall Erin Mackander Zoe Kelly
Maddison McCabe Kaitlin McCaffery Mia Maguire
Kaitlin McCaffery Amber Newson Jessica Martin
Jessica Micallef Rebekah Page Amber Newson
Sophie Nadjarian Ashleigh Wickens Naomi Poulton
Beth Proctor Natasha Young Emily Simpson
Ashleigh Wickens   Emily Whittaker
Natasha Young   Eliza Woodorth
*** *** ***
Officials Officials Officials
HC - Donna McGrath HC -  Warren Arnott HC - Donna McGrath
AC - Danni Wickens AC - Paul Young AC - Danielle Wickens
AC - Warren Arnott AC - Danni Wickens AC - Paul Young
M - Gaye McDonald M - Lynn Eastcott M - Liz Allan
S - Michelle Cate S - Michelle Cate S - Michelle Cate
*** *** ***
Results Results Results
Div - 3rd  Reg - 1st Reg - 3rd
State - 5th State - 3rd State - 5th

2009 CNSA U16W

2010 CNSA U16W

2011 CNSA U17W

Rebecca Copping Mikaila Cini Mikaila Cini
Daniella Costaganna Emma Cleary Emma Cleary
Alice Donohoe Daniella Costaganna Daniella Costaganna
Sheree Findlay Rose Eldred Rose Eldred
Amelia Griffen Amelia Griffen Amelia Griffen
Jacqueline Imber Rodelle Hall Rodelle Hall
Jordan Jones Maddison McCabe Maddison McCabe
Teigan Kirk Michaela McLennan Michaela McLennan
Maddison McCabe Jessica Micallef Jessica Micallef
Michaela McLennan Sophie Nadjarian Sophie Nadjarian
Jessica Micallef Beth Proctor Beth Proctor
Kate Proctor Jasmine Scheithe Jasmine Scheithe
Jasmine Scheithe Ashleigh Wickens Ashleigh Wickens
Bianca Worth Bianca Worth  Bianca Worth 
*** *** ***
Officials Officials Officials
HC - Donna McGrath HC - Donna McGrath HC - Donna McGrath
AC - Brett Kirk AC - Stuart Armsworth AC - Danni Wickens
AC - Stuart Armsworth AC - Brian Tennant M - Gaye McDonald
M - Justine Donohoe AC - Greg Watts S - Michelle Cate
S - Michelle Cate AC - Danni Wickens  
  M - Gaye McDonald  
  S - Michelle Cate  
*** *** ***
Results Results Results
Div - 3rd  Div - 4th Reg -
State - 6th State - 1st State - 4th

2006 CNSA U16W

2007 CNSA U16W

2008 CNSA U16W

Catherine Brain Isabel Armsworth Isabel Armsworth
Alexa Caldwell Alexa Caldwell Alexa Caldwell
Jessica Eastcott Alice Donohoe Daniella Costaganna
Amanda Fisher Amanda Fisher Alice Donohoe
Vanessa Garrett Angelina Hwang Sheree Findlay
Emily Goodsir Shannon Keen Jacqueline Imber
Angelina Hwang Lisa Maguire Jordan Jones
Lisa Maguire Kimberley Marchant Shannon Keen
Tegan Nadjarian Jade McGinty Teigan Kirk
Angela Pike Emma Moses Jade McGinty
Caitlin Pobjie(MVP) Caitlin Pobjie Michaela McLennan
Kelly Reynolds Lisa Stojanovski Kate Proctor
Kate Woodward Kate Woodward  
*** *** ***
Officials Officials Officials
HC - Roger Lucas HC - Donna McGrath HC - Brett Kirk
AC - Ashlee Pobjie AC - Brett Kirk AC - Stuart Armsworth
AC - Donna McGrath AC - Ashlee Pobjie AC - Katie Moore
M - Sue Pobjie M - Sue Pobjie M - Justine Donohoe
S - Michelle Cate  S- Michelle Cate  S- Michelle Cate 
*** *** ***
Results Results Results
Div - 4th  Div - 4th Div - 5th
State - 7th State - 7th State - 10th
Pick Ups    
Rhiannon Birks - Newcastle    
Luke Hancock - Newcastle    
Jarrod Mellowship - MVP for Newcastle    
Nathan Smith - Newcastle    
Justin Stojanovski - Hawkesbury

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