Comets Softball Club

omets was established in 1984 by founding members Bruce and Kathy Butler, twins Lynette Wheeler (Robertson) and Lesley Walker (Armstrong) and their 8 daughters, Shirley Wheeler and Betty Armstrong.

The first CCSA softball competition Comets competed in was the 1984/85 season.
From the begining Comets have been a Family orientated club, encouraging each other, helping and trusting in each other. Over the years you find yourself an unbreakable friendship and bond.

Wednesday Bateau Bay Sportsground, Passage Rd, Bateau Bay


Club Colours


  • Leslie Walker (Armstrong)
  • Lyn Salmon
  • Sharon Cheer (Jabba)
  • Lynette Wheeler (Robertson)
  • Sherilyn Meier

  • President Cassie Wheeler 0411885312
  • Secretary Melissa Towell
  • Treasurer  Bonita McNally 

We Accept