Representative Information

What is Representative Softball?

Representative Softball or ‘Reps’ as it is commonly known, is where players from the different clubs within our association form a team to represent Central Coast Softball Association Inc. (CCSA) at Gala Days, Regional and State Championships.

Representative softball: Provides players with the opportunity to play against other associations and make new friends.

  • Provides players with the opportunity to learn new skills
  • Allows players to be seen for selections into state and country teams. Most state championships form part of the state team selection process.
  • Regional Championships can be played at Newcastle, Central Coast or Tamworth.
  • State Championships can be played at any association within NSW. The location for each championship is set by Softball NSW each year.


How do I become a Representative Player?

CCSA will put up notices at the grounds and/or send you a letter letting you know nominations are being called for.

You will need to complete and hand in a representative nomination form. This can either be emailed to the rep co-ordinator at or by placing your form in the Rep box in the club house.

 Once nominations have closed, CCSA will:

  • Call for trials and give you a date/s which you must attend, or
  • Advise you the dates selectors will watch your club games, or
  • Advise you have been selected in a squad from which the final team will be chosen (this occurs mostly with junior teams), or
  • Advise your name has been place on a pick-up list with SNSW – this occurs where we do not have enough players to field a team, or
  • Advise you CCSA will be combining with another association to field a team – this occurs where we do not have enough players to field a team.

 Where a trial occurs or players are part of a squad, all players will receive a letter from CCSA advising of their selection/non selection in the team once the team has been finalised.


What are the commitments of the player?

  • Players must attend 85% of the training dates set by the coach
  • Players must sign and abide by the code of conduct of a Rep Player
  • Players must attend both Regional and State Championships

It is the players responsibility to notify the manager of the team if they are not able to attend training at the earliest possible time


What are the commitments of the Parent/Guardian?

  • Travelling to and from training and tournaments.
  • Ensuring your child attends the set training dates
  • Ensuring your child is on time for all training dates and tournaments
  • Ensuring they follow the parent/guardian code of conduct
  • Supporting and encouraging the player at all times - even when they are having a bad day.
  • Financial Cost – as below

Under the Child Protection Act coaches and officials are not allowed to transport any child other than their own without the company of another adult who is also not a coach or official.


What are the Financial Costs?

There are several costs involved in Rep softball.

Rep Player Levy as set by CCSA

  • Uniform Hire or Purchase Costs – Playing shirt, playing pants, jacket/hoodie, caps, socks etc.
  • Overnight accommodation for State Championships
  • Petrol – to and from training, to and from tournaments
  • Incidental training costs when it is too wet to train outdoors, we may hire an indoor facility that the players need to pay for

If you feel you are not able to meet the financial commitments, do not stop your child from being considered. CCSA are able to set up a payment plan to help you manage the financial costs.

Some clubs help their players with financial costs. You should speak to your club to see what they can do to help you.

Some councils have grants that you can apply for. Ask you local council for information regarding grants.


Do I need to Fundraise?

 Some teams will choose to fundraise especially where the tournaments are held in locations where more than 1 nights accommodation is required such as Far North Coast or Wagga Wagga. Fundraising participation is optional however only the players that participate will be allocated a share of the fundraising profits.



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