Play Softball!

Starting out

If you would like to play Softball, watch the game or come and try, the best place to start is your local Club or Association. You can Find a Club near you or ask your parents to contact your State Association or Softball Australia for more information.

Across Australia many Clubs host come ‘n’ try days which are full of fun activities designed to give you a taste of Softball. People of all ages are welcome to come along, try out their skills and join in the fun of Softball!


Softball Batter Up

Softball Batter Up is a great way for you to get started, learn the skills and have lots of fun! It runs for about 8 weeks all over Australia and you get to learn cool skills like throwing and catching, base runningbatting andpitching. It’s fun and safe and you can make heaps of new friends too.


When you join Softball Batter Up you also get your very own glove and ball!

Playing after school

Want to be active and play Softball after school? Over 12,000 kids your age played Softball in the Active After School Community program in 2009.

Ask your teachers or out of school hours care service to find out if Active After Schools is run at your school and to see how you can take part.

Modified games

There are lots of different types of Softball, which means that everyone can play! Read about Blast ball, Tee Ball, Coach Pitch and Mod Ball to see how you can get active. (There is event Masters Softball for your Mum and Dad!)

Blast Ball is easy to play and lots of fun! A special base is used which makes a loud honk every time you run over it. Learn how to hit, throw, catch, run and field properly so you can have more fun with your family or friends.



Tee ball is great game to help you learn the basic Softball skills in a fun way. There's no sitting around waiting for a turn, no one kid is able to take over the game and everyone gets to hit, run, throw and catch. The great thing about Tee Ball is that there are very few rules to learn and everyone gets to have lots of FUN!

Each player has a turn to try to hit the ball from a tee past the fielders. After you have hit the ball, you have to try to run to first base before the fielders can get the ball and throw it there (its like tippety-run). When the next batter after you hits the ball into play you have to the next base because there can’t be two runners on the same base at the same time. The aim is to score more runs than the other team by running around all the bases.



Coach Pitch is similar to Tee Ball but this time you get to hit balls pitched by your coach or teacher just like a real Softball player rather than off a tee!

Mod Ball gives you the opportunity to improve the skills you learnt in Tee Ball and Coach Pitch and teaches you new skills like pitching. This time you get to pitch to the batting team!                       


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