Did you know?

  • Softball is a fun and exciting team sport played with a bat, ball and glove  

  • The first Softball game way played with a broom handle and boxing glove tightened into a ball

  • The earliest game of Softball was played in Chicago, USA in 1887

  • Softball is played in more that 130 countries around the world

  • Softball was first played at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996

  • The Australian Open Men’s team is called the Aussie Steelers and they are champions of the world!

  • The Australian Open Women's team is called the Aussie Spirit and they have won medals at the last 4 Olympic Games

  • The Australian Under 19 Men's team is called the Aussie Colts – they are champions of the world too – 4 times in a row! 

  • The Australian Under 19 Women's team is called the Aussie Pride and they are playing in the World Championships in South Africa next year

  • Softball is played on a diamond

  • The field is divided into the infield and the outfield

  • Each team has 9 players

  • The bullpen is where the pitchers wait and warm up during the game. I wonder how it got such a strange name?

  • The ball is pitched underarm

  • Some Softballers can pitch the ball at over 136 km per hour – that's as fast as cricketers bowl!

  • A Softball isn’t really soft at all and it’s harder to hit than a baseball

  • A team wins when it scores more runs than the other team. To score a run you have to get around 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base to home plate before the other side gets you out.

  • Everyone can play!

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