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Softball Batter Up is Softball Australia's official introductory program aimed at children and youth between the ages of 4 and 12 years of age. The program introduces participants to the fundamental skills of Softball through a variety of modified games and activities designed to develop physical fitness, social skills and an understanding of Softball.

The Batter Up program offers both boys and girls the opportunity to learn lots of new Softball skills such as batting, throwing, catching and pitching, as well as social skills allowing them to make new friends but most importantly have FUN!!

Features of Softball Batter Up

  • Encourages fun and social interaction
  • Anyone and everyone can participate
  • Provides children and youth with a safe and enjoyable introduction to the skills and game principles of the game of Softball
  • Allows young players to be introduced to physical and skill practices at a page appropriate to their stage of growth, maturation and development
  • Promotes healthy and active lifestyles
  • Sportsmanship and fair play are positively rewarded with little focus on competition
  • At all times safety is a paramount consideration. All components of Softball Batter Up have been specifically designed to provide a safe environment for all participants
  • Softball Batter Up games provide the basic skills and understanding of game play through modified games including Blast Ball, Diamond Ball, Tee Ball, Coach Pitch and Fast Pitch
  • The inclusive nature of the program provides all participants with the opportunity to reach their full potential in a fun, safe and supportive environment

Program Structure

Softball Batter Up is a 6 to 8 session program offered over 4 different levels (bases) to cater for children of varying ages and abilities. The program is offered in 2 different formats; a Club Program and a Schools Module. Clubs may choose to conduct 1 or both formats depending upon their individual needs.

Both formats can be conducted over a 6 to 8 week period or condensed into a smaller number of sessions to be run in the pre-season, as a school holiday program on weekends or at any time during the year. One of the key features of Softball Batter Up is its flexibility in terms of when and how it can be delivered.



The programs 4 modified base stages of Softball (1st Base, 2nd Base, 3rd Base and Home Run) provide an appropriate learning environment for a range of ages and abilities helping maximise enjoyment and encourage a child’s lifelong participation in the sport. The School Module, in conjunction with the ASC's AASCP is an entry level program which provides clubs and associations with the opportunity to introduce children to the excitement of Softball and provides a direct link for transition between schools and clubs in the local area.

1st Base

As the 1st introduction to the game, 1st Base encourages children to explore the basic skills needed to participate in the modified games of Softball. Skills of throwing, catching, running, batting and fielding are introduced through games and activities where the emphasis is on ensuring maximal participation and enjoyment. Blast Ball, the 1st of 5 modified games teaches the basic fundamentals of Softball and is also a ton of fun with fast, continuous action and simple, easy to follow rules.

2nd  Base

2nd Base continues the theme of participation and enjoyment. Most importantly it introduces the young player to the challenges of Softball participation. Participants are provided with enjoyable opportunities for the development of positive social skills and a wide range of physical skills that can be then applied to the sport. Games such as Tee Ball and Coach Pitch combine a variety of mechanical, physical, coordination and mental skills in a team atmosphere and help develop an understanding of the game.

3rd Base

3rd base builds upon skills learnt during 1st and 2nd base. Glove use and base running techniques are taught while the new challenge of hitting a pitched or moving ball is introduced. Coach pitch provides a pathway from Tee Ball to Fast Track Softball where the batting team’s own coach is the pitcher allowing children to refine hand-eye coordination whilst in a fun, competitive and safe environment.

Home Run

Home Run is the stepping-stone to the full game and takes into account general adolescent development as well as individual differences in ability and interest. The skills of pitching and catching a pitched ball are introduced with a greater emphasis on game play. Fast Track Softball is introduced and applies all the skills learned in modified games and provides the final link to regular Softball competition. In Fast Track Softball the fielding team’s pitcher now pitches to the opposition batters.

Schools Module

The Softball Batter Up Schools Module (like the ASC's AASCP) is an entry level program which provides clubs and associations with the opportunity to introduce children to the excitement of Softball within their school environment. The program aims to introduce children to the fundamental skills of throwing, catching, fielding, running and hitting and through specific strategies acts as a vehicle to recruit and transition children, families and coaches into club sport.   

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