National Softball Census 2009 (February 2010)

This report presents the results of the 2009 National Census of Australian Softball in detail. This was the first national census of participation and players and it was designed to contribute to a range of game development, marketing, promotional and planning objectives. These include:

  • Understanding how widely the game is played

  • Comparing differences in regions and programs

  • Attracting sponsorship and community support

  • Comparing Softball with other sports

  • Assessing trends from year to year

  • Providing a basis for setting future targets and opportunities

  • Assessing emerging and changing workloads

  • Understanding the socio-demographic characteristics of participants

  • Matching the "supply" of Softball infrastructure and support services with the “demand”opportunities from participation and players.

Softball Australia Member Survey (January 2010)

One of the major challenges facing Softball is to increase participation numbers. The Softball Australia Member Survey is a joint project between Softball Australia and Griffith University designed to help inform initiatives in this area.

Softball Australia National Participant Survey (Executive Summary) (August 2007)

In July – August 2007 an online survey of Softball participants (player and non-player) was conducted by SportINFO on behalf of Softball Australia in order to develop a greater understanding of and knowledge about the participant base. The National Participant Survey Executive Summary presents the key highlights of the survey.

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*There's a RULES and UMPIRING session on this Sunday 9 September 10am at the Milton Park control room.  Discussing rules, policies, such as illegal pitching, strike zones and talking to umpires - what's OK and what's not OK.  We'll have an open Q&A.  The more questions the better, so we can start the new season off "on the right foot."  This will also briefly include the process of becoming an umpire.  Everyone is very welcome - this isn't just for umpires.  Come to be a better player, official, umpire and SC member!  Questions?  Call UIC Jean on 0422127366


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