International 14

The “Fourteen Footer “was first established at the Perth Dinghy Sailing Club in 1903.
With giant gaffed rigged sails, lengthy bowsprits and crews of seven or eight, the original boats were beamy plumb-stemmers.

Over the years, this development class has evolved into today’s high tech racing machine known as the International 14 and is sailed and raced in many countries around the world and was one of the very first true international racing dinghy classes recognised by International Sailing Federation. It is a development class controlled by a set of rules that allow for innovation and changes in hull and rig design as long as they fall within a set of specific limitations such as length, weight, beam, and sail area.

The modern International 14 is now one of the world’s premier sailing classes. It is a two-person, two trapeze skiff, with an unlimited area asymmetric spinnaker and 200 square feet of combined mainsail and headsail area. Carbon hulls and carbon rigs, now generally with square-head mainsails, give exceptional performance. While the relatively open class rules leave plenty of room for experiment, encouraging innovation. The International 14 is for sailors looking for a fast, challenging boat in which they can develop their own ideas while sailing in the company of a group of like-minded, open and welcoming competitors.

The International 14 is proudly Perth Dinghy Sailing Club’s signature class and boasts one of the largest local fleets and some of the best skiff sailors in the world.

Most importantly, The Perth Dinghy Sailing Club will host the International 14 World Championships in 2019/20.This will bring the world’s best skiff sailors to our club and city to compete in one of the largest events ever to be staged on the Swan River.

This is a show not to be missed.

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