Results and Champions



Spiral Class Association of Australia NSW State Championship Results 2018


Open Division                  1st          Chris Loring


                                      2nd         Matt Craig


                                       3rd          Henry Zylmans


Seniors Division                  1st          Shane Conly


                                           2nd         Tiane Burwood


Masters Division                1st   Chris Loring


                                        2nd         Matt Craig


                                         3rd          Tim Vandervoort


Grandmasters                   1st          Shane Navin


                                        2nd         Peter Eslick


                                         3rd          Jonathan Vandervoort


Great Grandmasters           1st         Henry Zylmans


                                         2nd         Merv Lotze


                                          3rd David Bennett


Ladies                                1st          Tiane Burwood


                                           2nd         Wendy Berlecky


                                           3rd          Chris Carew


Juniors                                1st          Louis Maxwell


                                           2nd         Noah Quinlan


5.6 Division                         1st          Bill Jauncey


                                           2nd         Renee Rawson


                                           3rd          Noah Quinlan


Handicap                             1st          Grae Baker


                                           2nd         Patrick Quinlan

                                             3rd          Mike Wooten                  


2017 -2018 Nationals Divisonal Trophy Winners


 Open (Allan Warwick Trophy)     Matt Craig, 842 Redemption

 Spiral Class Association Trophy   Matt Craig, 842 Redemption

 Handicap               Patric Quinlan, 886 Flynnq

  Ladies                   Maria Nash, 883 The Great Mustake

  Senior                   Shane Conly, 801 Inner Circle

  Masters                 Matt Craig, 842 Redemption

  Grand Masters        Peter Eslick, 902 So you think 90210

  Great Grand Masters     Henry Zylmans, 888 Cheng Nuo


  Open places 1 to 10 

1 842 Redemption Matt Craig
2 801 Inner Circle Shane Conly
3 900 Tantivy Clive Evans
4 902 So you Think 90210 Peter Eslick
5 884 Sirocco Tim Vandervoort
6 833 Sign of the Times Troy Lewis
7 886 Flynnq Patric Quinlan
8 879 Devastator Rodney  Devon
9 888 Cheng Nuo Henry Zylmans
10 906 Gets the Job done! Grae baker


 Full results are available below