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The National Scoring Committee is a sub-committee of Softball Australia, with positions being appointed for two year periods. Annually, Softball Australia calls applications for half of the positions on the Committee, to ensure continuity in the program remains. Scorers holding Level 4 are eligible to apply for committee positions when advertised annually, and need to identify their skills, and what they could bring to the program.

National Scoring Committee

National Chief Statistician  
  Ngaire Huston
Quality Assurance
m 0403 160791
National Scoring Committee  
  NSW Qld

Mike Hannelly
m 0418 224177


Kirsty Andrews
m 0408 788867



Sandra Palmer


  SA Vic
  Lindy Rattigan
m   0412 155189
Chris Trengove
m 0420 656240

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State Directors of Scoring

ACT   Qld   Vic
Maree Hardwicke
  Matt Denkel
t  07 3282 8868
  Lorraine Davies
m 0418 326726
Kaye Greggs
  Lindy Rattigan
m 0412 255 189
t 08 8322 7343
  Lynne Eltoft
t  08 9300 4949
NT   Tas    
Softball NT
T  08 8946 2339
  Norman Johns
T (H) 03 62651107
M  0417 144 970

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Can you help?

Future goals include junior competition – but we need help.  If you see an area which you believe you can help with, please speak to any of the Management Committee of MFSA:

Scott Rattigan (President) 0438 456 948
James Harris 0400 182 606
Daniel Waters 0417 800 997
Lindy Rattigan 0412 255 189

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