Scoring at Nationals

Tournament appointment and Quality Assurance Policy

National events

The appointment of a competent statistician team for Softball Australia events is a critical element of the elite program of softball, with tournaments providing selection grounds for our national teams and squads. Quality assurance of the game recording, statistics entry and analysis is paramount, both to assist in player selection data, and ensure specific tournament award data is accurate and reflective of the games.

For all Softball Australia events and selected endorsed tournaments, the requirement is for the Tournament Chief Statisticians (TCS) and official statisticians - to hold current NOAS Level 4 accreditation and be registered with an affiliate association and Softball Australia.

Expression of interest - National Tournament Statisticians

The appointment of a competent statistician team for Softball Australia events is a critical element of the elite program of softball. Level 4 statisticians are encouraged to apply for inclusion at national events. Applications are called mid-year for lodgement by 1 September annually. 

Note that nomination does not guarantee any appointment. Appointment may incur a Softball Australia participation Levy (at the discretion of Softball Australia). This will be confirmed prior to any selection being finalised. 

All expressions of interest must be ratified by your State Director prior to lodgement.

National tournament scoring handbooks

Handbooks are updated annually and forwarded to TCS (late November), following completion of Australian Championship Regulation & Rules reviews; specific tournament information and any other relevant information.

The 'how-to' guide for the use of the electronic statistics database will be provided direct to the TCS.

Information for official statisticians

Minimum requirements

  • Tournament official statisticians must hold current NOAS Level 4 accreditation and be currently registered with an affiliate association and Softball Australia
  • The official statistician is responsible for scoring the entire game, and recording all changes made throughout the game
  • The official record of a game is the paper scoresheet. Technology data (TurboStats or Scorepad or iScore) must reflect the games as entered onto paper.
  • At the conclusion of the game, the official statistician is responsible for completing the game statistics for checking by the TCS prior to the data being entered into the database. Allow up to one hour after the game for you to complete some of the complex games.

Quality assurance

  • Note that all official scoresheets are submitted to the National Scoring Committee for quality assurance reviews. Records are maintained of all scoring sheets to assist in future competency assessments of individual statisticians.
  • Quality assurance reviews over tournaments also assist in identifying if technical scoring methods are being applied consistently Australia-wide. This enables reviews to be provided with State Directors to assist in addressing deficiencies or inconsistencies.

Helpful hints

  • Most tournaments hold a 'Scorers Briefing' in the weeks leading up to a tournament. This can be particularly useful in years where rule changes are being implemented, or where new scorers (to the national scene) are being rostered to games. It also serves to highlight any arrangements that may not have already been covered. During this time, there is an opportunity to ensure that you are familiar with the duties, expectations and obligations of an official scorer. In addition, it allows you the opportunity to ensure that you understand the official A3 scoresheets (and in particular the check boxes used to balance the statistics).
  • Check with your TCS to make sure there will be a tournament briefing... if it is not planned, then seek a copy of the scoresheets, to familiarise yourself, and enable you to seek any clarification you require.
  • It is recommended that you be in attendance at the ground one hour prior to your scheduled start time in preparation for their first rostered game, and 45 minutes for any other games. If you are undertaking your first tournament, ensure you have seen the scoresheets and familiarised yourself with requirements.
  • It is not possible for you to officiate on back to back games, due to the mental demands of a scorer to complete one game in entirety, along with the possibility of games running over time.

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