Coaching Accreditation

Softball Australia's coaching courses are conducted as part of the National Coach Accreditation Scheme (NCAS). The NCAS is a sequential coach education and development program offering courses at six levels and provides coaches with nationally recognised accreditation.

The six levels are based on the Long Term Athlete Development philosophy that is player centred and coach led. The Australian Coaching Accreditation Pathway and the Accreditation Scheme Overview outlines the six levels of the coach education program: 

  • Level 1 – FUNdamentals of Softball – Parents and Teachers
  • Level 2 – Training to Train – Club/Association Junior
  • Level 3 – Training to Compete – Club/Association
  • Level 4 – Training to Win – State/National
  • Level 5 – Advanced Performance – State/National
  • Level 6 – High Performance – National/International

The rationale of Levels 1-5 is based on the principle that there are two major areas of skill and knowledge required by a softball coach. These include:

  • The need to be able to teach the skills of the game during practice sessions, which is the focus of levels 1-3
  • The requirement to organise and lead the team during games. This is the focus of levels 4-5
  • The focus of Level 6 is advanced coaching knowledge for coaches wishing to work at the high performance level.

While many coaches enter softball to support their child, these programs provide a reputable pathway through each level of coaching.

Benefits of being an accredited coach vary and include:

For the coach:

  • provides national recognition of effort and ability
  • increases knowledge and expertise
  • increases confidence and competence
  • builds self-esteem
  • enhances employment opportunities.

For players:

  • better instruction
  • increases the level of success at all levels
  • safer participation environments
  • greater enjoyment
  • improves retention at junior levels
  • increased self-esteem

For parents and guardians:

  • increased confidence that their child is receiving professional instruction from a qualified coach
  • coaching is carried out in a controlled and safe environment.

Softball coaching accreditation courses are conducted at regular intervals. To register for an accreditation course please contact your State Coaching Director.

The NCAS updating policy requires all accredited coaches to participate in a variety of education activities to maintain their accreditation status. The benefits of updating accreditation status include:

  • Keeping up-to-date with current coaching techniques and methods
  • Staying abreast of rule changes
  • Plays an important role in ensuring that the training and playing environments are safe for all participants
  • Reducing the likelihood of litigation

Coaching Accreditation Updating Requirements (Updating Brochure):

  • Coaches can update their accreditation by completing the next level of accreditation or achieving a total of 100 points over four years. Levels 4-6 coaches must achieve a maximum of 25 points per year and a minimum of 20 points in each category
  • Coaches must use NCAS Accreditation Updating Activity Sheet to validate their updating activities available at 
  • When up-dating is completed, the coach forwards the Activity Sheet/s and the NCAS registration fee and the signed Softball Australia Coaches Code of Conduct to their State Softball Association
  • New updating requirements commence immediately re-registration is received by NCAS


Updated 30 July 2013

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