Scoring Technical Bulletins

Scoring Technical Bulletins contain information relating to rules and interpretations of the current playing rules as written which is a valuable information source specifically for scorers and statisticians.

Any changes from ISF Rules Commission Congress are reviewed and Technical Bulletins are created for the umpiring, coaching and playing groups.  Scoring Technical Bulletins are further created to enable scorers and statisticians to remain current with International Rules interpretations - and the manner in which the umpires and coaches are playing the game.


Date released Bulletin ID Title

1 May 2012


Rule changes and the effect on scoring:

  • Official Scorer Communication with Team Officials
  • Official Scorer Communication with Umpires
  • Catcher Runner
  • Wild pitch
  • Passed ball

28 February 2011

SAL_ NSC_STB002_2011

Rule changes and the effect on scoring:

  • Scoring of runs after the third out
  • Lead off batter after a specific third out
  • Wild pitch
  • Passed ball
  • Recording of runners left on base

1 February 2012


 Rule changes and the effect on scoring:

  • Illegal Pitch Recording
  • Designated Player Rule
  • Catcher Speed-Up Rule
  • Recording Of Conferences  

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