U-18 & u-12 BCO Championships Both the U12 and U18 BCO championships have been awarded to Guam
Dates will be in January 2019
BCO will advise dates shortly ??
ABL Expansion to be anounced shortly Baseball Australia will shortly announce the expansion of the ABL which is a positive for the Oceania region.
New 5 a side Baseball promotion http://www.wbsc.org/baseball5/

“Baseball5 is a new five-on-five, five-inning street version of the game of Baseball/Softball that can be p...
WBSC World Rankings http://www.wbsc.org/usa-new-no-1-passes-japan-new-wbsc-baseball-world-rankings/

The count is on to make the Premier 12 as the Olympic competitors will be chosen...

More News

Baseball and Softball tournaments


Australia crowned U-15 Champions of Oceania;

World No. 7 Australia is the latest country to qualify for the U-15 youth baseball world championship in Panama City, following the Aussies' win of the Baseball Confederation of Oceania (BCO) U-15 Championship in Auckland on Saturday. Australia went undefeated against New Zealand (2nd Place), Fiji (3rd Place) and New Caledonia (4th Place) to earn the Oceania youth crown.

Dave Robb and the front end drill

Dave Robb speaking about hitting and the front end drill a the 2006 BCO Academy held in Auckland NZ

WBSC announces u15 and u23 hosts


WBSC awards Hosting Rights: U-23 Baseball World Cup 2018 to Nicaragua, U-15 Baseball World Cup 2018 to Panama

LAUSANNE, Switzerland -- The World Baseball Softball Confederation today awarded the hosting rights of next year's III WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup® to Nicaragua and the IV WBSC U-15 Baseball World Cup® to Panama.

WBSC Baseball and Softball Divisions elect new leaders

GABORONE, Botswana - New leaders of the WBSC Baseball and WBSC Softball divisions were elected at the 12-14 October WBSC Congress at the Gaborone International Convention Centre in Botswana's capital.

14 new members from 7 nations inducted into WBSC Softball Hall of Fame

GABORONE, Botswana -- Fourteen new members -- including Olympic medallists, umpires and coaches -- from seven nations and four continents were elected into the WBSC Softball Hall of Fame.

Baseball and Softball

Baseball and Softball in the Oceania Region have combined under DIAMOND SPORTS 2017 TO 2021 Office Bearers

BCO executives for 2017-2021

Congratulations to Laurent Cassier re-elected as President of the Baseball Confederation of Oceania uncontested.

Our new BCO executives for 2017-2020.
Presidents - Laurent Cassier (New Caledonia)
1st VP - Bob Steffy (Guam)...
2nd VP - Victor Langkilde ( A.Samoa)
Secretary General - Chet Gray (Australia)
Executive Members:
Rose Igitol (CNMI-Saipan)
Chip Dawson (New Zealand)
Inoke Niubal

Setting Goals

The best goals are those that contribute to an improvement in work ethic and performance. Goals must be prioritized and realistic and attainable.

Specific goals give something to shoot for and are more challenging than generalized ones. They should be something the athlete can control. If the player wants to play Major League Baseball, he must first set goals to improve his skills and performan

u18 Oceania Championship

Overal STats

Ray Brown developing baseball in the Region

Ray Brown has for 20 plus years developed baseball throughout the entire Oceania Region
Lack of funds has stifled that development. Hopefully the funds will become available to allow Ray to continue his valued efforts in the Region.

Baseball USA coaching


Saipan Baseball League news

Bears enter win column; GSM triumphs
By Roselyn Monroyo | Posted on Mar 10 2017
Tag: GSM, RBI, run, Saipan Baseball League the Saipan Baseball League is in round 2 next week. 8 teams are entered this league.

Womens Baseball Rankings

the Womens world rankings

Guam Major League has sanctioned the Guam Womens baseball to represent Guam in the Womens Baseball tournaments.

Australia qualify

Australia move up to #10 ranking after winning the 12 U and 18U Qualifiers

u18 Oceania Championship


There are no shortcuts

There are no short cuts. A program only succeeds from hard work and development within your own region.The Future
A ‘champion’ cannot be manufactured
He or She is born with those special qualities
There are no short cuts. A program only succeeds from hard work and development within your own region.,,,,,,
Competition and results

18U qualifiers

The 18&U (u18) BCO qualifiers are finally announced. for Jan 18-21, 2107 in Sydney. as is the 12u Championship in Guam Jan 12-16 Australia and Guam
Baseball and Softball in Oceania

Guam Baseball going ahead in leaps and bounds

The Guam Baseball Academy is forging forward with positive promotion of the sport in Guam

2018 Micronesian Games schedule out

2018 Micronesian Games schedule out

Organizers of the 2018 Micronesian Games have released the tentative schedule of events for the quadrennial meet that will be held in Yap. The Games will run from July 15 to 28 and will feature 18 competitions: baseball,

Scholarships and what you should look for

Rules of Thumb

1. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
3. Spend the time, not the money.
4. Never invest more than a postage stamp to get information about scholarships.
5. Nobody can guarantee that you'll win a scholarship.
6. Legitimate scholarship foundations do not charge application fees.
7. If you're suspicious of an offer, it's usually with good reason.

Saipan Baseball News

Bears take second finals seat

By Roselyn Monroyo | Posted on Aug 12 2016
Tag: Angel Palacios, Brian Camacho, run, Steven Cabrera

New Caledonia in Australia

New CAledonia u16 led by Jacques Levy is at the REdlands BBC Aug 4-11 2016

Baseball back in the Olympics


Australia advance in LLg Senior

Senior League Baseball Asia-Pacific Regional Tournament

Makati City, Philippines - July 11-16

(All times listed are local time. Box scores are unofficial.)

Guam Basegall news SPORTS NETWORK


MBC by Roselyn Monroyo Saipan Tribune

The CNMI All-Stars swept the round-robin preliminary games in the Inaugural Micronesian Baseball Classic after easing past Palau, 12-1, yesterday at the Francisco “Tan Ko” Palacios Ballfield.

The home team took its third win in as many games after only six and a half innings via 10-run

2017 World Masters Games

Join 25,000 athletes from 100 countries
Choose from 28 sports and 45 disciplines
Recognised by the International Olympic Committee
Competition in the 28 sports will take place across 10 days of the Games, commencing with selected sports and the Opening Ceremony on 21 April 2017 and concluding with final events and the

YOur news wanted

Hello all members
Please send in all your current Local and International news
It is important that the Region as a whole can promote acitivity throughout the region.

BCO Planning

the qualifiers on the nxt page are what the BCO must plan for over the next 5 years

21U Oceania Qualifier

sorry to say CNMI have had to withdraw because the funding to rebuild the stadium has not come through. Australia had advised they would not be attending but will host the tournament in Australia jan 21-26

2016 18U Oceania Qualifier

the BCO will conduct a qualifier for the IBAF/WBSC 2017 18u wORLD cup in the 2016 Calendar year

YOuth BCO results

a list of BCO qualifiers held since 2003

Guam Brothers making a mark

http://www.guamsportsnetwork.com/2015/arceo-bros-making-guam-proud-on-the-diamond/Shane Arceo (18): Bill Gates Millennium Scholar and college baseball commitment

Matt Arceo (15): Finalist for the U16 USA Baseball Team

WBC qualifiers


18u World Championships in Japan


LIttle League in CNMI


FSM Junior Baseball Team 2015 makes a great showing in Okinawa

This afternoon, as weary travelers arrived in Pohnpei, they were met by a throng of well wishers there to greet Team FSM after the team's triumphant series of baseball games in Okinawa, Japan. As the first of the little leaguers walked into the arrival area after collecting their baggage, a cheer went up that only got louder as the boys walked out the door one by one......

Baseball's 12 Best-ranked Nations in the World

World Governing Body:

Qualified: Baseball's 12 Best-ranked Nations in the World

Staged: Quadrennial, in the year preceding the Summer Olympic Games (i.e., 2015, 2019, etc.)

BCO needs to plan for these IBAF tournaments now

WBSC Baseball Tournaments
•Premier 12

•World Baseball Classic
•21U Baseball World Cup
•18U Baseball World Cup
•15U Baseball World Cup
•12U Baseball World Cup
•Women's Baseball World Cup

2015 18U OceaniaChampionship Day 1

Australia jump on the New Zealand early and coast to 12-2 win

2015 18U OceaniaChampionship Day 1

Irwin allows no runs to lead the New Zealand past the Guam 1-0

2015 18U Oceania Qualification Championship

The game schedule for the 2015 18U is set
wth the games from January 23rd to 26th , 2015. a 4 day 9 game championship held at the new and exciting McLeod Park , New Zealand.

Coaching and Development Manuals

Coaching and Development Manuals BCO by Ray Brown

Micronesian Baseball Classic in 2016.

The Saipan Baseball League will have its hands full in the coming months as it prepares to host the inaugural Micronesian Baseball Classic in 2016.

Stop by the BCO Facebook and give opinions

Healthy and positive feedback is sought for the Oceania REgion. How can regular International and Inter Regional tournaments proper in the region. Imagine Australia playing in your country

iTS Baseball - its more than a game



the Baseball Confederation of Oceania is the OFFICIAL IBA CONTINENTAL CONFEDERATION body, representing and administering 15 countries.

Congratulations to Pohnpei LOC

The FSM NOC and all the volunteers from the Competition Manager through to the Umpires , http://www.foxsportspulse.com/assoc_page.cgi?client=2-10453-0-0-0&sID=332406&&news_task=DETAIL&articleID=30805943

Jacques Boucheron (New Caledonia)

named in France team https://www.facebook.com/BaseballFrance/photos/a.504604199589162.1073741828.329078563808394/708584009191179/?type=1&theater

2014 Micronesian Games scoreboard


2014-2017 BCO Executive Committee


Please be advised the 2013 BCO Congress was held in Guam on December 7th 2013.

New Caledoni Baseball


IBAF welcomes Curacao and Saipan as newest members

IBAF welcomes Curacao and Saipan as newest members
The official new name for CNMI is SAIPAN BASEBALL LEAGUE

Taiwan beat NZ

Taiwan easily cruised past New Zealand in a 10-0 decision over seven innings in the night game in Sinjhuang last night.

The Pitch Count, where it fits in

Hello everyone, I have written an article on youth arm prevention, to read the article just follow the prompts.

The history of Saipan, Guam and Micronesia


Guam Sports Network

Ray Brown

The Way I See It

Hello everyone, I have put together another article for the way I see it, it concerns the BCO Tournaments, to give it a read just follow the prompts.

2013 18U Oceania Championship venue confirmed

Australia as the host of the 2013 18U Championship. The 18U Oceania Championship will start around the 23rd January 2013 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.
(team nomination form attached)

Pohnpei Baseball starts up Little League Program

Pohnpei opens third Little League season on June 1st

Oceania players who have attended a USA College (not including Australia)

Over 30 Oceania member players (excluding Australia)have attended a USA College
Of those, 5 have been drafted by a MLB or Independent club

Age brackets for IBAF

The age brackets for the IBAF World Championships and the BCO Qualification championships are as follows
(NB*** The IBAF changed the future International tournaments age brackets)

Want to play Baseball or Tee Ball?

Want to play Baseball or Tee Ball? Contact Baseball Oceania Development Officer Ray Brown
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