There will always be debate about the beginnings and evolution of badminton now recognised as one of the fastest games played by athletes yet it is still among the least publicised in the world.

While Badminton House, the home of the Duke of Beaufort in Gloucestershire, is the historic beginning in England, it is realised that badminton in various forms must have been played in other parts of England before credit was given to Badminton House.

In spite of Oceania, being a vast region of water splattered with thousands of islands, the continents of Australia and Antarctica and the large islands of New Zealand we do know where badminton was first played. The area begins at 90 degrees east longitude and extends to 120 degrees west. Its northern latitude begins at 20 degrees north and its southern latitude is at 80 degrees.....

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9-12 Feb

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1-6 August

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9-12 August

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