The Badminton World Federation (BWF) publishes for its Members, and all those competing / participating in the sport, the Laws of Badminton and Competition Regulations.

Together these form a comprehensive set of rules to regulate the game. The BWF website provides a Simplified Rules for those who wish to have a quick reference to some of the basics of badminton.

The BWF statutes covers in detail the Laws of Badminton and the Regulations for Competitions.


  • Court and Courts Equipment
  • Shuttle
  • Testing a Shuttle for Speed
  • Racket
  • Equipment Compliance
  • Toss, Scoring System, Change of Ends, Service
  • Singles, Doubles,
  • Service Court Errors, Faults, Lets
  • Shuttle not in Play,
  • Continuous Play, Misconduct & Penalties
  • Service
  • Badminton for Disabled People
  • Recommendations to Technical Officials



  • Olympic Qualifying Regulations 
  • Olympic Games: Regulations for the Badminton Competition
  • Olympic Games: Statement of Badminton’s Requirements
  • General Competition Regulations
  • Anti-Doping Regulations
  • Players’ Code of Conduct
  • Declaration on Integrity of Matches
  • World Ranking System
  • Disciplinary Regulations
  • Thomas & Uber Cups
  • Sudirman Cup
  • World Junior Team Championships
  • World Championships
  • World Junior Championships
  • World Senior Championships
  • Premier and Super Series
  • World Grand Prix

Upcoming Events:


VICTOR Oceania Open Championships
VICTOR Oceania Junior Championships
11-14 February 


VICTOR Oceania Mixed Team Chamionships
VICTOR Oceania Junior Mixed Team Championships 
15 - 17 February


YONEX North Harbour International - Future Series
21-24 March


Waikato International - International Series
28-31 March


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