WIB Over-view

The goal of the Badminton Oceania Women in Badminton Group is to promote and encourage women's participation in badminton at all levels -both on and off the court


The role of this group is to: 

  1. To monitor, support and enhance women’s participation in badminton and provide advice to Members/Stakeholders / Executive Board
  2. To create awareness of the importance of women in Badminton in the Oceania region.
  3. To ensure policies take into account the full participation of women in the sport:
    •  Players
    • Committee members / executive
    • Administrators
    • Coaches
    • Technical officials 
  1. To assisting in promoting women in badminton – marketing and communications, visual representation of women in badminton. 
  2. To be proactive at women in sports conferences and potentially drive international sports conferences and symposiums for women.


Working Group Members:
Michelle Hollands - New Zealand - Chair
Leody Vainilolo - Tonga
Sandra Low - Guam


The Badminton Oceania WIB Stratey 2014-2017 is attached below

Badminton Oceania will undertake projects each year to promote and encourage women in badminton; aligned with the strategy.   If you would like to discuss a project please contact Julie Carrel - julie@oceaniabadminton.org



Upcoming Events:


VICTOR Oceania Open Championships
VICTOR Oceania Junior Championships
11-14 February 


VICTOR Oceania Mixed Team Chamionships
VICTOR Oceania Junior Mixed Team Championships 
15 - 17 February


YONEX North Harbour International - Future Series
21-24 March


Waikato International - International Series
28-31 March


 See the Events Page for full information on each event


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