Information for Participants

General Information about Sailability activities operating from Royal Perth Yacht Club:

The address for the activity is Australia II Drive, Crawley, WA 6009

The meeting point for participants is the shaded area at the rear of the Club's Training Centre building.

Parking is available in an area opposite the club gates. 

The Sailability Sailing Season opens in early October and closes at the end of April each year.

Sailing places are generally booked for the whole season with an annual membership fee applicable. 

Membership covers the participant for Liability Insurance. 

Invitations to register for membership are issued in September each year. Individual or family memberships are available and there is also an Agency membership category. 

Agency membership allows different participants to be rotated in the available sailing places allocated to the Agency. This allows more people to experience the activity.

Low Support Sailing on Wednesday mornings is for mobile participants able to board the boats without hoisting.

High Support Sailing on Thursday mornings is for wheelchair users who require hoisting aboard the boats. They are laid into beanbags for support. 

Each morning has a 10am departure and an 11am departure. Please arrive half an hour earlier than sailing departure time, to allow time for pre-sailing preparations. Late arrivals may miss their sailing opportunity. 

Sailability activities provide sailing places for participants in a variety of vessels. In a large yacht, a support person can accompany a participant if necessary. In smaller 2-person dinghies, the participant is accompanied by a skipper and the support person stays ashore.

All participants and their supporters are fitted with lifejackets, before entering the floating jetty area.

Sunblock, chilled water and a shade area are provided.

What to bring - hats (with ties), a water bottle, warm/extra clothes, a healthy snack.

A support boat is always on the water during Sailability activities in case assistance is needed.

Volunteers are trained in boat handling, rescue techniques, first aid and have "Working With Children" clearance.




Royal Perth Yacht Club
Australia II Drive, Crawley, WA 6009

Co-ordinator - ANN HODGKINSON
Tel: 08 9423 5526: Mob: 0404 145 499


Sailability programs are now in winter recess. No sailing activities until October 2018. 

 To Volunteer for the Sailability Programs, please contact the Co-ordinator - details above. All welcome, plenty of jobs for everyone, on and off water, regardless of sailing or boating skills.


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