Willetton Basketball Association Profile

Founded in 1973 Willetton Basketball Association Inc (WBA) has developed a strong reputation in providing successful development pathways for junior basketball players, allowing both male and female players to reach their full potential in both social and representative basketball. We have strong domestic competitions for juniors through to seniors and an enviable track record for our success with the numbers and quality of players who make it into representative and state teams. 

One of the largest associations in Western Australia, with the support of more than 600 volunteers, we run a vibrant and well-supported domestic competition for juniors and seniors. Willetton Basketball Association Inc is based at the Willetton Basketball Stadium, located on Burrendah Boulevarde, opposite the Southlands Shopping Centre in Willetton. 


WBA is also committed to the development of coaches and officials, to support the overall objectives of the sport of basketball.


Our stadium is largely run by a volunteer committee structure in conjunction with our Administration Manager, Stadium Manager and Competitions Coordinator, and a casual staff cohort. With many volunteers assisting our club in some way, we always gladly welcome more hands, as many make light work.    

Some more facts about our Association and how we operate:

  • The Willetton Tigers are our state league (SBL) men's and women's teams. 
  • We run domestic basketball competitions at junior (grassroots) level Monday through Saturday.
  • We run adult basketball competitions Monday through Thursday nights.
  • We are closely linked to the Willetton Senior High School basketball scholarship program, and also work with other local high schools for sports programs. 
  • We have a strong focus on supporting and developing the skills of our referees and officials. 
  • We conduct skills classes for children of 5-13 years old to learn how to play.
  • Every school holiday we conduct fun school holiday camps with a variety of indoor sports.
  • We run school sports programs in particular end of year programs which include movie packages.
  • We assist schools with OSH clubs.
  • We run academy training programs for beginner players to work on their skills.
  • We host and provide support and officials for community sports programs / carnival days.



02/04/2015 (updated 20/11/17)

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