Stadium Staff

Staff Members

The staff members who work in the office during business hours are:

Chief Executive Officer: Mark Winnett

Mark's the inaugral CEO at WBA and he commenced with us in May 2018. His background is in sports administration within the cricket and mainly AFL football codes, he volunteers in junior football and cricket and has a genuine passion for all things sport.

Stadium Operations Manager: Jeff Anderson

Jeff has a wealth of experience with basketball, arriving to play for Willetton SBL back when they were the Tangney Tigers.  He has been a manager at the stadium for a few decades.  As an experienced coach, he runs multiple successful and long-running programs, including holiday camps and weekdays skills training classes. 

Stadium Administration Manager: Maria McAdam

Maria came to basketball through her role in the office and contributes regularly in a volunteer capacity. She has worked at Willetton Basketball for almost a decade.

Competitions Coordinator: Olivia Raison

Olivia plays basketball, volunteers at both footy and basketball, and has a family that plays basketball. Her hero is Wonder Woman.

Admin Support Officer: Jo Kempton

Jo has been involved with WBA for a few decades, in multiple capacities. She currently runs the successful Tiny Tigers program, and Mixed Basketball program, as well as duty managing on Saturdays. She is a referee and volunteered for years with one of the junior competition domestic clubs.



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WBA employees - policies

All part time employees of WBA Inc fall under the Amusements, Events and Recreation Award 2010 (link here). It is important for all WBA employees to maintain and uphold high moral and ethical standards.  WBA Inc is committed to fostering a safe, supportive and productive work environment, where employees and members of our club treat each other ethically and with respect and courtesy. All employees have a duty to work to the best of their ability to further the mission of Willetton Basketball Club as a centre for excellence in basketball.

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Award and Employee information

All employees are governed by the National Employment Standards and fall under the Amusements Events and Recreation Award (

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