2016-2017 Season

All results are preliminary unless stated otherwise.  If you have any feedback on the full results pdf files, please contact Erica.  There may be some spelling errors, please ensure you write clearly on the entry and sign-on forms each race to help us get the correct information.  

Trophy Race - 4th December 2016

Due to the cancellation of the Northern TASCAT event, it was decided to mix things up for the weekend of the 3rd/4th, with a trophy race held on Sunday.  It was good to see some members mixing things up and trying out different boats for the day.  Corrected time line honours went to the usual 505 rivals, Mike Whitmore and David Box, teaming up together in Mike's boat, Wife Says Sail.  Tony Fist and Michayla Byrne were next, in Pacer #3, followed by Murray Willis sailing Unleashed.  Murray took out the handicap prize, followed by Gaby Dewsbury and Henry Bush in Pacer #1.  Tony and Michayla completed the top three.  Full results available here

Spring Pennant 5 - 26th November 2016

Spring Pennant 5 was held in a reasonably light WNW breeze with an outgoing tide.  Due to the breeze not being in the 'normal' direct for Deviot, sailors had to think that little bit harder about their race.  Of the six starters in the Deviot Dinghies class, only three finished.  Andrew and Caitlin Clippingdale in their mirror Hunny were first on both corrected time and handicap.  Congratulations also to Bob and Lilly, and Ya Ya and Amber for completing the race.  In the Sabre class a six strong fleet had good sailing, particularly Tristan Henderson and Nick Saava who finished within six seconds of each other.  Line honours went to Tony Fist in Weekend Warrior, with Tristan (Bada Bing) victorious on handicap.  There were only two starters in the Open Class.  Don Hazeldine teamed up with Callum O'Sign in D1 to take both the yardstick and handicap victory from Paul Laverty in D2.  Full results available here.

Kouklas Dash - 14th January 2017

6 boats headed off to Hooked on Kouklas at Gravelly Beach in blustery conditions. Although the wind and waves weren't too bad around Deviot and Gravelly Beach, there were some big waves around Swan Point which provided some excitement, particularly on the way back. Congratulations to Don who was first boat in this year, followed by Mark Dewsbury in a Pacer and Paul, Henry and Jo in Praxis.  It was good to see Simon and Josh on the water with their NS14.  Full results available here.

Point Rapid Return - 21st January 2017

The Point Rapid Return race was held in a light-medium northwesterly.  Correct time placings went to Tony Fist (Weekend Warrior) followed by Andrew and Caitlin Clippingdale (Hunny) and Tristan Henderson (Bada Bing).  However, final results for this event are handicap based, with Frank Brunacci taking first place in A Salt Weapon, followed by Don Hazeldine and Callum O'Sign (D2).  Tristan Henderson rounded out the top three.  Full results available here. 

Peter Brooks Memorial Race - 26th January 2017

The annual Peter Brooks Memorial Race was held over three heats on Australia Day 2017 with an eight strong fleet.  Andrew and Caitlin Clippingdale had an excellent day in their Mirror Hunny, claiming corrected time line honours in all three races.  They also took the handicap result in the second and third races.  The handicap win in heat one went to Jo-Jo and Bob in DSC Pacer #2, with these two placing second to Andrew and Caitlin in the remaining races.  Tony Hall also had a good day in the club Sabre Ascalon, over the line in 3rd, 2nd and 2nd on corrected time, resulting in a 4th and two 3rds on handicap.  Full results available here.

Autumn Pennant 1 - 28th January 2017

A small fleet contested Autumn Pennant 1.  Two Mirrors made up the District Dinghies class, with Andrew and Caitlin Clippingdale in Hunny taking both the line honours and handicap wins.  Nick Savva (Chief) was first on both line honours and handicap in the Sabre Class, with Ben King (Rumblefish) taking second place over the line and Tristan Henderson (Bada Bing) sailing his way to second on handicap, only 5 seconds infront of Ben.  Don Hazeldine and Paul Laverty in D2 took both the handicap and line honours win in the Open class, as the only entrant.  Full results available here. 

Autumn Pennant 2 - 4th February 2017

Autumn Pennant 2 was conducted over two heats.  Gaby and Everette Dewsbury had a tough but excellent day, placing first over the two races on both yardstick and handicap in the Deviot Dinghies class.  Four Sabres competed in the Sabre class, with James Capsar (Blue Tack) first over the line in both heats, followed by Gordon Wilson (Red Sea Pedestrian) and Tristan Henderson (Bada Bing).  The handicap win for Sabres went to Gordon in both races.  Three boats sailed in the Open Class, with Phil Colquhoun sailing to success in his Laser Pure Adrenalin, in both heats on both corrected time and handicap.  Second place in both heats went to Don Hazeldine and Bob Saddington in D2.  Full results available here. 

Deviot Regatta & Autumn Pennant 3 - 11th February 2017

The Deviot Regatta (also counting as Autumn Pennant 3) was held on the 11th of February with a 14 strong fleet.  Our esteemed commodore, Tony Fist, sailed to the front of the fleet on corrected time in his Sabre Weekend Warrior, taking out the overall win.  Places 2, 3 and 4 all went to visiting PDYC NS14s; Under the Radar, Arctic and Tequila respectively.  We hope that all visiting boats enjoyed their sail at Deviot.  Full regatta results available here. 

Results for Autumn Pennant 3 exclude the visiting boats.  There were no finishers in the Deviot Dinghies class.  As previously mentioned, Tony Fist (Weekend Warrior) was first Sabre over the line, followed by Tristan Henderson (Bada Bing) and James Caspar (Blue Tack).  The handicap win for Sabres went to Tony Hall (Ascalon), followed by Tristan then Tony Fist.  The 505s proved too much for the cats in the Open Class, with the corrected time win going to David Box and Di Maynard (Better Than), followed by Sam and John Hillcoat (Wife Says Sell).  These positions were reversed for the handicap victory.  Full pennant results available here.

Trophy Race - 4th March 2017

Saturday 4th of March was a beautiful sunny day with relatively light winds.  Twelve boats competed in three short races, and it was excellent to see the improvement, particularly in starting, as the afternoon passed.  There was close racing between the competing Mirrors and Sabres, and it was good to see another Nacra 5.0 joining the  Open Class fleet with Commodore Tony taking his new boat for a spin.

The four strong Mirror Dinghy fleet proved to be the dominant force on the day, taking the first three placings on corrected time in each heat.  Heat 1 saw Andrew and Caitlin Clippingdale (Hunny) in first, followed by Erica and Zayden Deegan (Xcel-erate) and Amber Tiller and Erin Giles (Comet).  Heat 2 went to Xcel-erate, followed by Hunny and Comet, and Heat 3 to Xcel-erate, followed by Hunny and then Gaby and Mark Dewsbury, sailing club mirror Slim Jim. 

The Mirror Dinghies continued on their winning streak to have excellent handicap results. Gaby and Mark (Slim Jim) had an wonderful day, claiming the handicap victory in the first two races and a second in the third.  Amber and Erin (Comet) placed second on handicap in the first race and third for the following two races.  Third place in race one on handicap went to Andrew and Caitlin (Hunny).  The other stand out crew for the day were Jo-Jo Cameron and Lily Callow in Pacer #1, as they improved greatly over the series of races, finishing second on handicap in race 2 and winning race 3. 

Overall, handicap results are as follows: 

First - Gaby and Mark Dewsbury (Slim Jim)

Second - Amber Tiller and Erin Giles (Comet)

Third - Jo-Jo Cameron and Lily Callow (Pacer #1)

Equal Fourth - Andrew and Caitlin Clippingdale (Hunny) & Erica and Zayden Deegan (Xcel-erate).

Full results available here. 


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