Secondary School: Year 7 - 12

AFL 9s

AFL 9s is the perfect game to play at School. The modified rules enable teachers to set up safe, fun competitions for both boys and girls. 

Non-tackle versions limit physical contact, making AFL 9s ideal for children to learn motor and coordination skills while participating in a team sport. 

AFL 9s Teacher Curriculum Resource Guide

Blank Session Plan  


Skills of the Game

Below are a link to some videos that show the skills of the game of AFL

Playing Like a Pro Videos


AFL Training Programs


AFL Senior Secondary Curriculum Resource

The units, which have been developed for the Australian Football League by Curriculum Corporation, cover five learning areas: Media Studies, Business Studies, Mathematics, Health and Physical Education, and English.

There are two units for each learning area and all have been mapped to relevant State and Territory curriculum outcomes. Each unit includes detailed Teacher Notes and Student Worksheets are only available as PDF documents and can be downloaded using Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®.

The units of work are designed not just for those familiar with our great Australian game, but for any teacher wishing to engage students – both male and female – in authentic learning. A look at the unit summaries will provide an idea of the content and help you make the best choice

Senior Curriculum Resources

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