The FQ Futsal State Titles are being held on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 April 2017. These Championships are an exciting part of the FQ Futsal calender. The event will be the pinnacle of the sport in the state of QLD and the pathway to the FFA Futsal National Championships.


2017 will see the State Titles being held across numerous venues within the Brisbane Metropolitan area with age group allocations as follows.

  • Redlands College, Wellington Point (11 Boys, 12 Boys, 13 Boys & 13 Girls)
  • Sleeman Sports Complex ARENA, Chandler (14 Boys, 15 Boys & 15 Girls)
  • Sleeman Sports Complex VELODROME, Chandler (17 Girls & Youth Men) 
  • Acacia Ridge Leisure Centre, Acacia Ridge (16 Boys)

The FQ Futsal State Titles is a great way for our regions across the state to come together and compete to become champions within each age group and also the overall champion region.

2017 Competition FINAL Age Groups based on Club/Region Nominations:

  • 12 Boys (Born 2005)
  • 13 Girls (Born 2004 and 2005)
  • 13 Boys (Born 2004)
  • 14 Boys (Born 2003
  • 15 Girls (Born 2002 and 2003)
  • 15 Boys (Born 2002)
  • 16 Boys (Born 2001)
  • 17 Girls (Born 2000 and 2001)
  • Youth Men (Born 2000 to 1998)

Development Age Groups

  • 11 Boys (Born 2006) (NO AGE GROUP AT 2018 FFA NATIONALS)

The Futsal State Titles is a major part of the FQ Futsal State Metro Team talent identification and selection process. During State Titles a selection committee will select state Metro Squads made up of 20 players which will have opportunity to train together, with Final selection of 10 players in the Teams to compete in the 2018 FFA Futsal National Championships. 

All players participating in State Titles must be registered with Football Queensland Futsal.

Club/Region Team Forms are available below and must be submitted by 5:00pm Friday 10 March 2017

Team Nomination Forms are available below and must be submitted by 5:00pm Friday 7 April 2017.

Please contact Trevor Edwards for all enquiries.


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