Boat Trailer Parking

The Belmont 16ft Sailing Club is an active social club with over 26,000 members who regularly use the Club’s facilities.

In order to ensure our members may continue to use their Club (and park their car!) during the busy time of sailing regattas, we MUST ensure that the car park is free of boat trailers.

It would be appreciated if sailors would remove trailers from the car park once boats have been off loaded and store the trailer at their accommodation.

For major large scale events at the Club, the Lake Macquarie City Council has kindly consented to the storage of boat trailers in a specific cordoned area of Laughlin Park (across the road from the Club).

The area allocated for boat storage is the north eastern corner of the park, bounded by Ross, Evans & Tudor Streets and the concrete pedestrian pathway (refer to image). Trailers must only be stored in the cordoned area.  When storing trailers within the area, please ensure it is done efficiently so the maximum number of trailers may be stored.

The Club must ensure that all trailers are stored in the designated area, that pathways are kept clear and that there is minimal disruption to the local community’s use of the park.  Consideration of others is important.

We very much appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Sailing Office 4945 0888.

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