Registration FAQ's

I am a skipper and I own the boat, do I enter twice?

No! Just register as a SAILOR. When you go to ENTER the boat into the racing for the season, you will simply use your Club Membership number twice – once to record yourself as the Skipper and again to record you as the Boat Owner.

I have three kids sailing, can I use my own email address three times?

Yes you can! However, VERY IMPORTANTLY each of your children must have their own unique password for their database record. This is how the system will know which child’s record to open.

I own the boat my kids sail and I also own a boat that I sail myself . . . how should I register?

You should register as a SAILOR and pay your $85 sailor registration fee. You are then correctly recorded on the database. You will then use your Club Membership number to record you as the Boat Owner of your child’s boat when they enter for racing, and you will again use your Club Membership number as both sailor and boat owner when you enter your boat for racing. We only ever want ONE record for each person.

Why does the Boat Owner screen ask me about insurance?

It is a requirement that all boats that participate in events organised by the Club be covered by third party liability insurance with a minimum cover of $10 million for any one accident. By registering as a Boat Owner you are acknowledging that the required insurance is in place and will remain valid for the season.


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