Player Points System

2018 PPS:

A key outcome of the NCR was the introduction of a new Player Points System (PPS) to complement a Club Licensing framework. The PPS provides an opportunity to incentivise youth development and curb excessive player payments.

The PPS requires each NPL club to remain within the points cap for their first team squad for the season. Each player is initially worth 10 points and in season 2019 the points cap will be 200 points.

Each player is initially worth 10 points, but the player values are then discounted, or inflated, depending on the characteristics of the player.

The below lists will be uploaded in preparation for the 2019 NPL season.

2019 - Player Points System

2019 - Player Points System - Spreadsheet (Template)

2019 - Player Points System Spreadsheet (Template Key)


The Roster Window to amend club squad lists during the season are:

1.    Tuesday 20 February 2018

2.    Monday 14 May 2018 to Tuesday 22 May 2018



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