Managers Checklist

 Senior Mixed Football: Team Managers’ Checklist 2017

 Team managers shall perform the following duties on match days: -

1)         The manager of the home team (the first named in the draw) must ensure that alternate strip is available in the event of a clash. See below for club colours

2)         Take to the game: an approved licensed match ball (properly inflated), playing strip, first aid, ice, whistle, pump & needle, match card and player ID sheet.

3)         Check the playing field for safety – ensure no safety hazards. The ground must include corner flags no less than 1.5m high. (Nets are desirable, but a game can proceed without them)

4)         Check that gates permitting ambulance entry to field are unlocked. If they are locked, make every reasonable effort to get them unlocked.

5)         Both managers to introduce themselves to the referee and assist the referee as requested.

6)         If no qualified referees are present, provide officials as follows:

            i)      In squad divisions, the home team provides a referee and each team provides one assistant referee;

            ii)     In single team divisions, the home team provides a referee and two assistants to the alternate fixture. In the event there is no alternate fixture, the home team provides a referee and each team provides one assistant referee. The “alternate fixture” for a 1pm game means the Men’s 3pm fixture on the same pitch and vice versa for the 3pm fixture.

7)         Provide an approved, legible printed copy of team photos in order to identify players.

8)         Perform an ID check and sign both match cards prior to the start of the game.

9)         Ensure players are correctly attired: no jewellery, or dangerous equipment, including plaster or other rigid casts.

10)       Ensure players sent from the field leave the vicinity of the field. At the conclusion of the match the manager should check with the referee the reason for the send-off, as this may affect action in respect of the PD&D Committee.

11)       Ensure alcohol is not present. Smoking is not allowed on any sports field.

12)       The manager of the winning team (or the home team, in the event of a draw) collects the match cards from the referee at the conclusion of the match.

13)       Ensure cleanliness of venue: fines received by NSFA will be passed on.

14)     For all competitions both team managers must notify results by entering the result on the NSFA website within twenty four (24) hours of the match. 


 15)       Notify the Division Liaison Officer of any problems with the ground or with the provision of officials.

 16)   Home team manager to ensure that the technical area is marked out as per FIFA Laws of the Game.



Key Competition Rules:

1)         All Senior Mixed Football matches play for 90 minutes (45 mins per half).

2)         The half-time interval shall not exceed 5 minutes.

3)         Delayed start matches have their halves reduced to a minimum of 30 minutes (60 mins match).

4)        Stoppage time shall be played both  grade matched . The official shall be the sole arbiter of stoppage time..Time may be added at the end of each half for all time lost through substitutions, assessment and/or removal of injured players, wasting time, disciplinary sanctions or any other cause: provided that the match would finish no later than ten (10) minutes before the scheduled starting time of the next match on the same field. 

5)         The minimum number of players to start and complete a match is seven. Ten minutes’ grace can be claimed if seven are not present at kick-off time.

6)         A maximum of sixteen (16) players from each team (plus any who are, or will be aged sixty (60) or over by the end of the calendar year) may take part in a match. BOD 02/16

           i)      Premier League (1st Grade only: substitutions – each team may make 5 substitutions; a player substituted may take no further part in the game;

           ii)     For all other Senior Mixed  Competitions: interchange - players who have been interchanged during a match may return to take further part in the game.












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