Match Card Procedures

Match Cards

a) All matches must have a match card – including friendly matches.

b) Each team is required to print a match card from the club registration system which shall include the names and ID numbers of all registered players in the team/squad. Match cards must clearly indicate which players are taking part, either by inserting shirt numbers only for those taking part, or by crossing out the pre-printed names of those NOT taking part.

c) Any other amendments to the match card, including the listing of borrowed players, must be completed by hand in ink.

d) In matches with substitutes (as opposed to interchange) the match card must clearly identify the substitutes to distinguish them from the starting 11.

e) Players indicated to have taken part in the match shall be deemed to have taken part in the match, whether they took to the field or not.

f) Only eligible players may play, or appear on the match card as having played, in the match.

g) If a player’s ID number is missing and the player is deemed to have played in the match, a fine is applicable. If a player’s name is missing from the match card and the player is deemed to have played in the match, the offending team will lose any points earned in that match. If no points earned then a fine will be applicable.

h) Alterations to the match card are not permitted after the match has commenced.

i) Only players listed on the match card prior to the commencement of the match may play in the match.

j) Managers must sign each match card confirming ID acceptance prior to commencement of any game. If the opposing manager does not produce the approved ID sheet upon request then the manager should mark the match in dispute and follow the procedure set out in Section 2.7.1 of the Competition Regulations.

k) Managers may list players who are not present at the start of the match; however the opposing manager must be given the opportunity to perform ID checks before players take the field.

l) Both match cards, once completed, must be given to the match referee no later than five (5) minutes before the published commencement of the match.

m) Winning managers (or home managers in the case of a draw) must return the match cards to the NSFA office no later than 5pm on the Wednesday following the match, either by posting, hand delivering or emailing the original to the NSFA office or if the relevant committee requires via the club recorder who will in turn forward the original to the office.

n) If a manager chooses to email a match card to the NSFA office, the email should be addressed to An emailed match card must be saved in a pdf file and must comply with the following naming protocol:

Division Grade Date (2014MMDD) Home Team v Away Team (team you are submitting on behalf of in capitals).

For example "MAA4 Res 20130721 Northbridge v LANE COVE”

o) Each match card must be saved as an individual pdf file, multiple match cards may not be saved within one pdf file.

In the event that an emailed match card is received which does not comply with the protocol described in n), above, it will be returned to the sender. Failure to provide the NSFA office with a correctly named match card file by the deadline prescribed in m), above, will result in the same penalties as failing to lodge a hard copy match card

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