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Girls and Women’s Football Committee (GWFC)

The Girls/Women’s Football Committee is a sub-committee of the NSFA administration. It made up of volunteers from a range of clubs throughout the association. The GWFC shapes the structure of the Girl’s & Women’s Competition and Non-Competition Football for Girls .At present the GWFC helps to determine division composition, eligibility for play, and innovate and improve on competition structure for the betterment of female football within the NSFA. The GWFC communicates to the clubs through Circulars and we meet monthly during the season. We also publish a Manual as a guide for players and team manager for each season. The minutes of the meetings, the Circulars and the Manual are all linked below. The GWFC has a Terms of Reference and the Chair reports to the CEO and the NSFA Board. The GWFC welcomes new members and interested parties to our meetings.




Age Group Age co-ordinator email address
GWFC Chair Sarah Jenkins
WO35 and masters Tineka Millard
WAA Kristy McMillian
G18 Megan Batchelor
G16 Lynne Spencer
G14 Rob Ftizgerald
Diamond League Catherine Weinress
WO30 6 aside Sue Cheeseman
Committee member  Michelle Cross


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