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The Coastal Committee has two main functions.   These are to co-ordinate events between the Dawesville Cut near Cape Bouvard in the south and Lancelin in the north and to provide the information needed for the Department of Transport (Marine Safety) to give permission for the conduct of what the Navigable Waters Regulations class as Regattas and which in fact covers all races and organised cruises, both sail and power. It also covers all dinghy training. Having events approved has a twofold benefit, firstly other water users may not interfere with these events and secondly, in the case of off-the-beach boats, it permits them to sail under Part 2 of the YA Special Regulations rather than the Navigable Water Regulations.   This is why it is important to include dinghy training times in your list of events.

Eastern Channel through Success Bank

The Eastern Channel through Success Bank is now in use to get slow barges under tow and others out of the main Cockburn Sound Channel. We have an agreement with the Fremantle Harbour Master Captain Allan Gray that it will not be used at weekends or when there are events listed in the Coastal Calendar. It is important that yachts, dinghies and powerboats keep out of the way of commercial ships using this channel at other times. The channel is marked at each end by virtual buoys so there are no new posts or actual buoys. The virtual buoys are visible to any boat/ship with an AIS receiver.

The relevant clauses to which the Coastal Committee works are quoted below:

51C. Organised races, displays, regattas and aquatic sports

A person shall not organise, promote or conduct a race, display or regatta for vessels of any description or an exhibition of any form of aquatic sport, including water skiing, in any navigable waters, unless permission therefore has first been granted by the department.

12. Regattas

(a) No person shall navigate a vessel in such a manner or in such a position as to obstruct, impede or otherwise interfere with, or endanger the safety of boats or persons assembled or competing in events on the occasion of any form of aquatic sport, boat race, swimming carnival, regatta or other assembly for the purpose of entertainment within any navigable waters, for which permission has been granted pursuant to regulation 51C.

Always remembering that paragraph (c) states:

(c) Notwithstanding paragraph (a) the person in charge of any sailing vessel or motor boat competing in an organised event shall comply with regulation 13.

13. Prevention of Collisions at Sea Regulations apply

It is the duty of every person in charge of a motor boat or sailing vessel to be conversant with and to abide at all times by, these regulations and the Prevention of Collisions at Sea.

Off the Beach Boats - Dinghies

The exemption from wearing PFD 1s, carrying flares, anchors, etc. is granted each season and applies to all events that are on the Coastal Calendar both summer and winter. It also applies to organised training. A copy of the exemption can be obtained from the YWA Office. The exemption only applies to the dinghies, not to coach or safety boats.

Clubs outside the area covered by the Coastal Committee should apply to their regional office of the Department of Transport (Marine Safety) to gain the same exemption.

The Coastal Committee must be informed of all events even if you feel they do not need co-coordinating because no one else operates in your patch of water, so that they can be cleared with the appropriate authorities that include Department of Transport, Fisheries and Fremantle Ports.


The Coastal Committee holds its annual meeting in June and Clubs should submit all their events including training for the year that begins on 1st September each year and ends the following August 31st, by the first week in June. All events must now be submitted on the spreadsheet that the YWA office will send out in late May and must be returned by early June. This allows the office time to prepare a draft Calendar prior to the annual meeting.


Once a clubs knows the date of a World Championship that it has been allocated to run, the date should be submitted to YWA Office so that the water space can be booked in advance. The Coastal Committee is happy to receive the date of a National Championship up to 12 months in advance. It is important that these dates are known prior to clubs constructing their year’s calendar.

All clubs that conduct events within the defined coastal area are entitled to, and should, send a Delegate to the Coastal Annual Meetings.



Click here to access the Dept of Transport Exemption Approval Letter 2017-2018




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