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 Welcome to the information on the West Australian National Equipment Auditors.  Manfred Speicher is the appointed Senior National Equipment Auditor for Western Australia (SNEA).  In addition to Manfred there are  other qualified NEA's in WA clubs who can assist boat owners in matters of safety on their boats.

 Clubs sailing off the beach boats (unbalasted dinghies) can access the of the beach form in the link below.  If a club does not have a National Equipment Auditor in their club the boat owner/skipper can complete the audit and provide it to the club under any safety audits currently in pace at the club.

Clubs or boat owneres shoudl approach their clubs NEA or seek assitance form any of the listed NEAs below on matters of safety equipment & audits.

Should you have any questions on matters regarding the NEA scheme please contact your clubs NEA or if your club does not have a NEA please contact one of the listed NEAs below or contact Manfred Speicher on 0416 018 407 or email: 



Last Name First Name Email Clubs Endorsments Cat endorsed
Ball Ian RPYC (Cat 1-7)
Berkhout Fons RPYC, SoPYC (Cat 1-7)
Brown Graeme SoPYC (Cat 1-7)
Burbidge William FSC, SoPYC (Cat 1-7)
Cole Graeme FSC, SoPYC (Cat 1-7)
Dawson Andrew SoPYC (Cat 1-7)
Erasmus Warren SoPYC, FSC (Cat 1-7)
Finlayson Peter RFBYC, SoPYC (Cat 1-7)
Hancock Adam RFBYC, SoPYC (Cat 1-7)
Kelly Chris HYC, SoPYC (Cat 1-7)
Kennington Peter FSC, SoPYC (Cat 1-7)
Kenny David EFYC, SoPYC and FSC (Cat 1-7)
Lloyd Ben SoPYC (Cat 3-7)
McDonald Robert RPYC, SoPYC (Cat 1-7)
Miller Bruce SoPYC (Cat 1-7)
Otness Ole FSC, SoPYC (Cat 1-7)
Speicher Manfred RFBYC, SoPYC& Senior NEA WA (Cat 1-7)
Suffield Jennifer RFBYC, SoPYC (cat 3-7)
Truman Phillip KBSC, SoPYC (Cat 1-7)
Vlaar Petrus SoPYC (Cat 1-7)
Wilkinson Bruce EFYC, SoPYC (cat 3-7)
Wilson Robbie FSC, SoPYC (Cat 1-7)
Speicher Manfred Senior NEA (WA) Cat 1-7
Mark Taylor HYC (Cat 1-7)
Greg Shakeshaft HYC (Cat 1-7)
Vince Rodgers Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club (Cat 3-7)
Simon Plunkett RPYC (Cat 3-7)
Douglas LAWLER GBYC (Cat 1-7)
Nick Clayton NYC (Cat 1-7)
Richard Horan-Goldsmith RPYC (Cat 1-7)


Click here to find out more on the NEA scheme and to access the resources and forms


















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