Yachting WA Committees

Josh Beaver powering off the pin end of the Moscow startline
Josh Beaver powering off the pin end of the Moscow startline
Board of Management - President of Yachting WA - Mark Fitzhardinge
The Board of Management is responsible for the day to day running of the Association, and meets regularly to address issues as they arise and coordinate the activities of the staff and Committees.


Ron Tough Yachting Foundation - Chairman Tony Finch

The Foundation provides funding to sailors and clubs for projects including travel, purchases and coaching. The foundation plays an important part in developing talent allowing them to compete in international competition.


Members Committee - President of Yachting WA - Mark Fitzhardinge

This is a quarterly communication meeting for Clubs and Class Associations chaired by the President of Yachting WA.


Offshore Committee - Chairman Ian Ball

The committee liases with Clubs and groups which conduct offshore events and also manage and administer the measuring and handicap systems adopted by the events.


Race Management Committee - Chairman Kim Peaker

This committee conducts and administers "The Race Officers accreditation scheme". This scheme assists member clubs and class associations to introduce and train new race officers and maintain the general standard of officiating. They also prepare template documentation, provide advice to clubs and research current best practice and new ideas. If you are interested in race management then please contact the Race Management Committee Chair to discuss training and qualifications.


Racing Rules Committee - Chairman John Standley

This committee is responsible for seeing that all Yachting WA events are conducted within the international rules and regulations for yacht racing. Some of the committee's primary tasks include:

-Hearing and determining appeals.

-Recommend on approval (or disapproval) of dispensation from Appeals.

-Provide information on Appeals and Procedures and answer questions on rule interpretations referred to Yachting WA.

-Review and advise on Notices of Race and Sailing Instructions.

-Encourage improved knowledge of the Racing Rules.

-Assist in organising and conducting lectures and training seminars on rules related matters.

-Handle matters relating to Yachting Australia (including appointment of State and National umpires and judges) and ISAF Racing Rules Committees.


Safety Committee - Chairman TBC

This Committee reviews all activities of the Yachting in WA to ensure that safety standards are maintained and that new standards or initiatives are applied. The Committee liases with other Safety Committees regarding the Yachting Australia Special Regulations and assists clubs to conduct safety seminars and equipment demonstrations.


Training & Development Committee - Chairman Peter Kennington

The Training & Development Committee has a wide involvement with particular emphasis on the Yachting Australia National Training Scheme programs in WA and monitors and accredits Discover Sailing Centres / Clubs and Commercial schools. It assists to establish formal training programs at Club, Class Associations and Commercial Sailing Schools and reviews existing training programs and courses to ensure they meet "best practice" standards. It encourages and assists individuals to attain Yachting Australia instructors and coaches qualifications.

The Committee focuses on promotion, encouragement and assistance to youth sailors. Annual events run by the committee include:

-WA Sailing Squad


-Talent Identification and development program

-Various regional coaching programs

-WA Youth Championships




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