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Many clubs have established a learn to sail program which provides an introduction for new members. Beyond this there is little for members to improve their sailing skills and abilities, gain knowledge, increase their confidence and ultimatley compete successfully in club racing and beyond. Coaching programs can fill this gap. Programs can be run by a club or class association and provide sailors with the next step after learn to sail and learn to race.

Yachting Victoria's Coaching Committee

The role of the YV Coaching Committee is to recommend and support the strategic direction for coaching in Victoria. Yachting Victoria's strategic objective for coaching is to increase the success of competitive sailors by ensuring the availability of coaching services for sailors wanting to improve ther performance, skills and resuts by the;


  •  Development and support of qualified coaches

  •  Development and support of coaching programs at clubs and recognized classes

  •  Support coaching programs for those top competitive sailors with potential to make the Australian Sailing Team and Australian Sailing Development Squad

  •  Provide well understood and excellent pathways for skills development for competitive sailors and coaches.

There are a number of documents that the YV Coaching Committee have produced that further explain the Coaching Strategic Plan, these are the Strategic Plan Summary, the Pathways to Performance Booklet and the pathways diagram. Links are provided to these documents below. Please note that the booklet is a large file and may take time to download it is only low res. Hard copies of the booklet are available from the YV office


If your club or class is interested in setting up a coaching program and would like some advice or contact details for coaches please contact +61 3 9597 0066



Other Links
  Pathways Booklet
  Coaching Strategy Summary
  Pathway Diagram


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