National Police Checks


  • Yachting SA as a registered Volunteer Organisation may provide an Authorisation Number (VOAN), issued by SAPOL, which will enable a sailing club volunteer/ staff member to obtain a National Police Certificate at no charge.
  • Only approved club members may access the YSA authorisation number and the charge free facility.
  • The Individual must Download the SAPOL Application for National Police Check Form and complete the relevant Sections.
  • The Individual must take the completed Form and 100 points of I.D. to any SAPOL Station, SAPOL will verify the I.D. sign and stamp the Form and give it back to the Individual.
  • The Individual must then send the form and copy of I.D. to The The Regional Manager, Australian Sailing Office
  • The Regional Manager will sign and stamp the form and fwd. to SAPOL for processing.
  • SAPOL will send the Individual the completed Police Check.
  • A Sailing Club or any other group may sight the National Police Check and may record basic Information and should not keep a copy without the Individuals consent
Club and class officials and Individual members, should contact the Australian Sailing, SA office for further information if required.
Australian Sailing, SA office:
PO Box 6135, Halifax Street, ADELAIDE, SA 5000
Ian Leeson - Regional Manager